Sleep? So overrated.

This has been a long, tiring week. Actually, it’s been a tiring three weeks when it comes down to it. 

Elena came down with a virus about three weeks ago. She got progressively worse until I took her to the doctor on a Sunday morning to figure out what was going on. He was convinced it was just a virus and sent us home, telling us she’d start getting better. She got worse. Four more days followed with a 104 degree fever and a miserable little girl. She finally started perking up almost two full weeks after showing symptoms.

We got her out of the woods, took Joseph in for his first wellness check-up since he was a month old, and two weeks later, he got a fever. He went from perfectly fine to a sick, sick boy in a matter of hours. We began to notice by evening on Monday that he was just not normal. His fever was not budging with medicine and he was getting more and more lethargic. He quit moving around and when his breathing and heart rate went up, we decided to call the pediatrician who sent us to the ER. I left Brian at home with a sleeping Elena (at 9pm) and got my dad who went with Joseph and I to the ER. We were there til 1am and naturally, after getting more medicine in his system there, Joseph perked up and was fine. Oh well. Better safe than sorry! It’s been three days and he’s still not himself, but he’s at least drinking now and his fever is manageable.

But, with the sick kids and both of us fighting colds, we are wiped out. The option of just sleeping in to start feeling better no longer exists with two small (sick) kids in the house! However – it could be worse! They don’t have strep, like some of their friends, and Joseph didn’t even need an IV the other night. It could be worse. We’ll survive.

On the ministry fronts — things are clipping along! We are basically booked solid here at MRF through most of 2014! Brian is getting into the homes and doing smaller repairs in between bookings. We have some fast turn-overs these next couple of weeks, so we’ll be running in and out of the homes pretty frequently until the final long-term residents arrive. We are finalizing plans for a holiday dinner on Dec. 12 with all the residents and we are very much looking forward to it.

At Grace, we’re taking a couple week break on Wednesday evenings because of Thanksgiving and GBC’s annual “Living Christmas Village” which will take up the entire church for a week before the actual event on Dec. 7 & 8. Brian was elected as a deacon last Sunday so he’s now the deacon in charge of the sound team.

Brian’s team at BCM are making some interesting advancements on the different websites and it’s going to be really cool when they make it all public. I have more writing to do for BCM and I’m excited to be involved in that.

Thanksgiving is next week ~ were we really in Peru only a year ago? This year has been so full, so busy, so fast… I found myself just standing in front of our digital photo frame this morning, watching pictures of my kids from this time last year flash by, and found it so hard to believe that they were SO small just one year ago. This time last year, we were packing, enjoying Peruvian spring, and working up to saying many tearful goodbyes to friends and a life we weren’t fully ready to leave yet. We also thought we’d be in Ireland, or at least somewhere overseas, by this time this year. And… we’re not. God leads in mysterious ways, but we’re glad that at least He LEADS and doesn’t leave us in the dark forever. We’re thankful for that this year, probably above everything else! What are YOU most thankful for this year?

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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