Oh man, fall has been just wonderful. I honestly did not realize how much I truly loved this season until I didn’t have it anymore! This time of year in South America is just as gorgeous, though, but in a very different way. It’s spring down there and even though I wish we could be experiencing the warm weather and the return of sun in Lima… I’m enjoying the leaves and rain falling and the crisp fall air here in PA.

The kids both celebrated their birthdays, in case you somehow missed that fact!



We had such a great day celebrating their birthdays. Joseph was born on Sept. 27 and Elena on Sept. 29, so we celebrated on Saturday, the 28th, at least for this year (it’s easy right now while they’re little… that might change in a few years!). We surprised Elena by having the house decorated and her grandparents come over. We took them to a local farmer’s market that’s within walking distance of the house. There’s a small petting zoo, some hay bales to play on, and even horseback rides. Elena got to ride a little Shetland and had a blast!



We asked her who she wanted to walk next to her and she immediately said, “Grandpa!” I’m not sure who loved that more – the granddaughter or the grandfather. 🙂

We enjoyed Elena’s favorite meal (spaghetti), presents, and cake and then the grandparents left and the kids almost immediately konked out for a nap. Perfect day. 🙂

wouldn't be complete without an attempt at a group picture! and a lego giraffe.
wouldn’t be complete without an attempt at a group picture! and a lego giraffe.

I am super busy these days with the children’s ministry at church. More people have volunteered to help out in different areas, so I no longer need to teach Kindergarten Sunday School. Pioneer Clubs is running an average of 25 kids each Wednesday evening with 18 of them being in K-3rd grades. We are doing a Fall Party on the 30th that is looking like it’s going to be awesome! Each week, the kids tell me which unsaved friend they’re going to be inviting. I can’t wait to see how many kids and their families end up coming to this event!

Brian is busy here at MRF with another remodel. The same duplex that he redid the downstairs floors in this summer is getting new flooring upstairs now. It needed padding put underneath the carpet in order to provide more sound-proofing, as well as new carpeting. He’s almost done with that part now. He also installed a new front door, which included redoing the siding on either side of the door and putting in new drywall in the front hallway (plus paint, of course). We have loads of cleaning to do and rearranging in the upstairs before the next family arrives in November. But, they should have a very comfortable home waiting for them!!

We’re planning a Christmas dinner for the current residents of MRF plus the board members. Hard to believe we’re already close enough to Christmas that we’re planning events for it!! We’re looking forward to that evening!

Next week, I have been asked to by BCM to present In Step with the Master Teacher at a conference in New Jersey for youth ministry workers (if you look at the link, I’m replacing BCM missionary Stan Tyson who is not able to be there this year). You can be praying for our family as I’ll be going alone, which means Brian will be home alone with the kids. It’s only one night, but I have never spent a night away from the children, so it makes me a little anxious, to be honest. But, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to teach ISMT to such a good group of people and to get more contacts for this awesome ministry! Check out the website (that Brian built.. excuse my shameless plug)!

We hope you continue to enjoy fall as much as we are! Have a wonderful week!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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