Birthday Boy!

This time last year, we were welcoming Joseph Christopher officially into the world. He was born in Surco, a district of Lima, Peru; the blondest Peruvian boy ever! 🙂



We moved back to the States when he was just a little over two months old. He did great on the plane and traveled in the car to South Dakota so well a week later.



He celebrated his first Christmas and played in freezing cold snow for the first time over the winter.



We took him to North Carolina in the spring and again to South Dakota in the summer. He’s not the happiest of campers in the car and protests greatly when you try to get him back into his carseat after a long day! But, he adjusts well to new places and loves new people, just like his big sister.



Just recently, he’s started walking a few steps at a time by himself. He’s fearless – nothing makes him cry and he always pushes his limits. He loves to eat – anything and everything, including dust bunnies and bugs. He squeals when he’s excited and growls when he thinks he’s being funny. He says, “Ma-ma” and “Da-da” and jabbers almost as much as his big sister. He’s destructive and curious and all boy!



We love, little man. May you grow up to fear your Creator more than His creation. May you be a Godly man who knows how to be a gentleman. May you treat women with respect and dignity and know how to lead your family. May you follow in your daddy’s footsteps and continue his legacy of following your Savior no matter the cost. Live up to the name we gave you – a man of unfailing integrity who trusted God even in the worst of circumstances. Jesus loves you, little man, and we pray you accept His offer of salvation at a young age and live always, whole-heartedly, for Him because nothing else is worth that kind of devotion! 

Happy Birthday, Joseph Christopher!


Published by

Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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