I honestly didn’t realize it was July 1st until after I’d written “June 30” on a bunch of stuff this morning. Woops! I knew it was coming soon, just not *this* soon, apparently!

Last week went really well – concluding with a very busy, but fun, Sunday! I wish I’d been smart and remembered to take pictures through it all. Oh well.

::Monday-Friday, I was the “missionary of the week” at a local Baptist church. I only needed to be there about 20min. every morning and I honestly wondered if what I was doing made any difference! I didn’t get to know the kids or have any real interaction with them. But, I was able to tell them all about Peru and global missions. Friday, I did what I normally do – I presented the Gospel so that the kids know what they’re supposed to tell people when they’re witnessing. Friday evening, I was told by the director of the program that a little girl accepted Christ after I gave the Gospel! Praise the Lord! All of a sudden, it was all worth it. Then, after the program, a Mom came to me and said that her son has always wanted to be a marine biologist, but now, after hearing about Peru and life as a missionary, he’d like to be a missionary instead. I got to talk with this 12yr. old boy and encourage him in things he can do now to prepare for the future. Yup, the week was totally worth it.

::Brian has got the floors almost completely fixed in the one unit with the exploded water heater. He just has a few little things left to do and then the house will be ready for its next occupants later this month.

::One of the families who has been here since February left Saturday for their first term in Mexico. They are our age and she is pregnant with baby #2. The plan is to actually have the baby IN Mexico later this month (yes, she’s VERY pregnant right now!). I wanted to do something for her as a sort of sending off/baby shower, so Tuesday evening, another lady here on the property and I quickly planned an impromptu surprise baby shower. We invited the other ladies here (just missed inviting one, whom we never did see!) and got together Thursday for lunch. We had an absolutely wonderful time getting to know each other and blessing Heather with a few things for her baby boy. It’s so awesome to be able to share with other people in the same life circumstances as you!

::Saturday, Brian spent the morning at our church helping do some yardwork.

::Sunday, we had a busy morning service at church. Friends from Peru are in the States! The Bible Institute director, Joas, is here, along with a graduate of IBYM, David. They are both in the States, working at a BCM camp until August. Our old director, Carlos Odicio, and his wife have moved to Stroudsburg, PA, to the camp and so they all came to visit Sunday morning. We had lunch at our house in the afternoon. We decided it’d be a good idea to eat outside in the pavilion and, naturally, it downpoured. For a few straight hours. We were soaked by the time we got back to our house, but it was still a nice time. It was good to talk in Spanish and see people we lived with for the last 4 years! Strange seeing them on our “turf”, though!

::We ended Sunday night with going over to our friend’s house and watching fireworks. A first for Elena and she loved it!

This week, I have my second children’s outreach in the park. This time, they will be “traveling” to Ai. I have no idea how many kids will come since there’s so many fireworks that night, but hopefully we’ll get a good group! Brian will be finishing the floor in that one house and then moving on to some other projects. Not sure what our plans are for the 4th, but I’ve been informed that Brian will be fishing this week “as often as possible.” haha!

We are looking forward to the 4th of July in America for the first time since 2008!! There’s just something nice about being in your home country on its independence day. Hope you all have wonderful celebrations and times with your family this week!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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