Summer in full-swing!

1st Summer Kids Program!
1st Summer Kids Program!

Last Wednesday was our first summer kids program in the local park. It went SO well! I was floored by the number of volunteers showed up to help out. We had about 26 kids, 6 of whom were visitors and 4 were walk-ins from the park. This picture is of the kids doing their craftsnack – building Jericho out of graham crackers, icing, gummy bears, and bugles. They had a blast and we even had “Joshua” (my partner, Mac) judge them on the most “realistic.” We had such a great time! We have a few kinks to work out for next time, which is July 3rd, but over all, for the first night, I think it went super well. Keep praying for us! I’d love to see 50 kids coming by the end of the summer! 🙂 In my dad’s words: “There’s no way that’ll ever happen.” I hope to prove him wrong.

Back here at MRF, Brian is putting in new flooring in one of the units, the one that had the water heater explode. It’s like 90 degrees this week, so it’s not exactly fun, easy work. Elena’s loving it, though, since she gets to go shopping with him “in the big truck” every couple of days!

Brian met with our leadership a week ago and the vision trip to Ireland is for sure in the works for October! Who wants to join him?! If you’re interested in a brief trip to Ireland, please message us so we can get you more information!

This week, I am “missionary of the week” at a local church for their Vacation Bible School. It’s been fun the last couple of days introducing the kids to missions, Peru, and BCM International.

Summer is definitely in full-swing here in PA! The heat of today just broke with a crazy downpour! Definitely have things like this in Lima! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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