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June is a fun month. We have Father’s Day and our Anniversary in the same week. My children’s program kicks off on Wednesday. And it’s officially summer! What is there not to love?!

Last week, Brian and I were super busy with our variety of ministries. The house that Brian remodeled had to be completely put back together for visitors arriving Thursday evening. Brian worked Monday – all day – and then the kids and I joined him Tuesday and Wednesday. A normal check-in is not this labor-intensive – phew. We were also *so* thankful for another family staying on the property who watched the kids for us so we could get more work done. I must say, though, the house looked a-ma-zing when we were done!

Thursday night, the kids and I went to bed early and Brian was up doing some work and just enjoying the peace and quiet, listening to the heavy rain outside, when he heard a car pull up. And a door slam. And then footsteps across our front porch! He ran to the window, opened the blinds, flicked on the outside light, and then answered the door. It was the family coming for that Unit! They had gotten in later than planned and needed help finding which home was theirs. It was a total God-thing that Brian was awake (and coherent!) at midnight. He was even still dressed for the day! We are the ones people are to come to if they can’t find their home, so eventually we’ll have a nice sign out front stating that fact.

Wednesday evening, I had my final planning meeting for our kids’ program. It’s called, “Joshua: More Than a Conqueror.”

The official invite to the summer program
The official invite to the summer program

We are all very excited about the program and looking forward to the 4 weeks! We begin tomorrow evening, so your prayers are coveted. We are using the pavilion in a local park and have no idea how many kids to expect. Our normal Wednesday evening group during the school year is pushing 40, so if they all come, plus friends and visitors, we could easily be up over 50.

Also on Wednesday, Brian will be going to Lancaster for a couple of meetings at our HQ. One is about short-term trips; hopefully they’ll get some planned out for this year and next. The other is about the website, which he has been diligently working on for two weeks now. Should be an interesting day Wednesday since we have to be in two very different places and we only have one car! Not sure how that’s going to work out, but we’ll figure it out.

Every Saturday for a few weeks now, we’ve headed out early and gone to yard sales as a family. It’s been a blast! People have been super generous and we now have the kids birthdays pretty much done and Christmas is on its way to being done as well! I had forgotten how awesome American yard sales are!!

Elena with her new "tool set" in the backyard. Not in the best condition, but, it was free!
Elena with her new “tool set” in the backyard. Not in the best condition, but, it was free!

Father’s Day was a really nice day. We had to be at church super early – Brian to help with the sound system and me to attend a training session. The service was really nice (or so I heard… I wasn’t really in there…). My 4’s and 5’s class was a bit… rambunctuous… but such is life right now in there. After church, Elena was still being very obedient, so we went out to lunch as a family to celebrate Brian. In the evening, my parents came over and Brian, Elena, and my dad went fishing while my mom, Joseph, and I stayed home and talked – something we rarely get to do anymore without constant interruptions. Just a really nice day. The marshmallow fluff cheesecake was an added bonus, too! =)

B's Father's Day present - I drew a road on his shirt so the kids can run cars around on his back. E colored the front and then traced the road on the back.
B’s Father’s Day present – I drew a road on his shirt so the kids can run cars around on his back. E colored the front and then traced the road on the back.



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