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getting a house ready for a check-in
getting a house ready for a check-in

We had a variety of things to do here at MRF last week. One of the things was getting a home ready for a check-in. You can see my check-list above. This home had been housing quite a bit of furniture from the home Brian has been remodeling, so Brian needed to clean all that out and then we had to freshen up the home since it hasn’t been used in awhile. Spiders tend to move in rather quickly out here in the woods, but thankfully living in Peru has helped me handle that a little better than I used to!

Here’s a picture of the beautiful floors Brian has recently refinished:


We will soon be needing to put this house back in order which includes reorganizing the kitchen, which currently looks like this:


Tuesday morning, Brian got a call saying there was water all over one of the floors in one of the homes that had guests in it. After an inspection, they figured out it was the hot water heater. It had basically erupted. What a mess!! Especially since the house is carpeted! It was also pouring down rain and it took Brian pretty much the entire day to find a new water heater and get it installed. Unfortunately, the floors are pretty messed up, so that’s a whole other job.

I am organizing a summer children’s program starting June 19 for our church. There’s a lot to do, but I think it’ll all come together in time. I also need to prepare some short lessons on missions for a VBS at another church the end of the month. There’s also trainings I need to prepare for and I’m going to start looking at the fall schedule, too.

On the kid-front, Joseph finally got tooth #4. We’re discovering that he will be our more picky eater. So far, he only really likes sweet potatoes, peas, and bananas. Brian got covered in carrots yesterday and I got covered in green beans this afternoon. Hmm. Elena has decided that giving Mama two hours of peace every afternoon was just too long and has cut her naps down to an hour, sometimes an hour and a half. Sad!! And to think that this time last year, she was still napping twice a day and would fall asleep on my lap almost every time! I can’t believe how much she’s grown.

We’re really enjoying living near Compton Pond (for those not from the area – there’s a large pond/small lake right at the entrance to MRF). It’s been perfect for letting Elena “swim” almost daily and Brian gets to go fishing, when he has some free time. It’s such a luxury having water to swim and fish in within walking distance of the house!

Brian found this in front of someone's house on our road with a big "FREE" sign on it! Yes, please!! It came with an awesome stroller, too. Sweet!!
Brian found this in front of someone’s house on our road with a big “FREE” sign on it! Yes, please!! It came with an awesome stroller, too. Sweet!!

A week ago Saturday, I had to do some shopping for essentials, non-food items, for the family. The whole way home, I was in tears because I knew I had spent basically that week’s food budget on non-food stuff. It was all things we needed, but the bill was just higher than I’d anticipated. I prayed the whole way home, “Lord, I don’t know how You’re going to provide for us, but You have to do something. I just spent our week’s food budget on all this stuff and I don’t know how we’re going to manage until our paycheck. Please do something!” The very next day was Sunday and after church was a fellowship dinner. At the end of it, an announcement was made that Brian and I had been officially “pounded.” Apparently, everyone was asked to bring in a “pound” of food items for us so we could be “pounded.” It was like their way of officially welcoming us home. We got home and unpacked… wow… it was awesome. My pantry is nice and full!! On top of that, some money gifts were given and when we counted it up, it was, I kid you not, exactly $2 more than what I had spent Saturday evening. We cried. And thanked our heavenly Father for taking SUCH good care of us. So, thank you, Grace Bible Church! You have no idea how much of a blessing that was.

Elena checking out most of the stuff from our "pounding."
Elena checking out most of the stuff from our “pounding.”

We’ve sure been having a lot of “God-sightings” lately. Brian keeps telling me I should write them all down. I think he’s right. So, what has God done for YOU lately?

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