Beautiful May!

May is probably one of my favorite months here in the States. Mostly because of the lilacs. I have missed lilacs so much! I noticed some bushes are about to bloom here at MRF and I can’t wait! It’ll drive Brian’s allergies insane, but you know, sometimes you gotta take one for the team. 😉

Last week, Brian worked extensively on finishing up the floors in one of the units here at MRF, so he spent two days almost entirely on his knees scraping glue off the floors in the entire house. He sanded the floors and they look absolutely amazing; it’s like a whole new house. He’s repainted, fixed the walls, and now worked on the floors. He loves this kind of work, so even though his knees took a beating, he really didn’t care.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 7th, we will have our final meeting to confirm our ministry plans. We can’t wait to let you know what’s up! Just to see how God has moved and led and opened doors – it’s really quite awesome.

Since our updates on life are pretty quiet right now, here’s some updates on our lovely kiddos:

  • Elena is talking up a storm! We are constantly amazed at her growing vocabulary. She’ll come out with a whole sentence of brand new words and we’ll go, “Where did THAT come from?!” 
  • She’s starting to really sing. We heard her yesterday sitting on the swing outside, “A B C’s I know you, A B C’s…” It was super cute.
  • She loves her “cuna” (nursery) at church and her teachers are awesome. She spent last week telling us that “Jesus is alive in me” and “Jesus loves you and you and you and Joe-Joe!” (her brother)
  • Her favorite game right now is hide and seek. She’ll say, “Hide and seek me? You three.” Meaning, “Play hide and seek with me? You count.”
  • She is always very concerned about her brother and if she hears him crying will come running into the room, “Joe-Joe! Okay?!”
  • We cook together a few times a week, mostly desserts. But, she loves cooking with Mama. And then she helps with “dises” (dishes).
  • She’s potty-trained! Finally. phew. She’s even getting up at night by herself, which is awesome.
  • Joseph has got to be pushing 20lbs. He’s got thunder thighs and cankles (no ankles) and is the CUTEST little boy you have EVER seen, I promise you that.
  • He is trying very, very hard to crawl. He sits and rocks until he finally face-plants on the floor and then works so hard to get where he wants to go. Right now, that’s resulting in either rolling around on the floor or army-crawling…backwards.
  • We have an actual walker that moves around and Joseph loves that thing. He runs around the entire house! The other night I was making dinner and saw him go into Elena’s room, come back out, come see me, go into my room, come back and see me, and then went back to Elena’s room. He has so much fun in that thing.
  • He’s still not eating solid food even though he’s 7mos old. Every time we start, he seems to get sick, so we stop. And some of the food he’s absolutely hated, so that doesn’t help either. This week, he’ll be trying sweet potatoes; hopefully that will go a little better.
  • He’s got 2 teeth with 1 more basically in and another one on the way. Why my kids get all their teeth all at once, I will never know. But, at least they’re done by the time they’re 1!




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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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