Routine can be a lovely thing.

Ahhh normalcy. I had forgotten what that was. We still don’t lead a “normal” life, but it’s perfect for us! No complaints here. I keep reminding myself how incredibly blessed I am to have my husband home every day for most of the day. We work together, alongside each other. How many couples do that anymore? So blessed. When I’m having a rough time with the kids, I don’t have to think, “Just eight more hours til Brian gets home…” He’s normally home with us! Or close by! It really doesn’t get any better than that. So, no, we’re not necessarily a “normal” family by American standards these days, but I don’t really care. 

Last week was our first real week here at MRF (Missionary Retreat Fellowship) where we could settle in and not be running every day. Brian did things like getting the car title. I did things like laundry! I must say, it’s absolutely amazing to me how well Elena does with a schedule, in her own home, with no babysitters in and out every day. She eats her meals, goes down for naps, gets to bed on time, and has far fewer fits. Isn’t that just amazing? 😉

We also made a bunch of phonecalls and figured out where to take the kids this morning for shots since we still don’t have health insurance (although something is finally in the works!). We got that done hassle-free, but Joseph is having a rough time this evening with them. He’s in an awful lot of pain and is horribly fussy and only wants Mama. Hence the reason I am up later than usual! 

This week, I head to Allentown (hour and a half from here) to meet up with some ladies from our HQ who will be helping re-train me in our teacher training material so I can be well-prepared to use it in late March. 

Brian has been asked to do some odd jobs at our church which is something he loves doing, so he’ll be busy with that this week. He has some other things on his plate, too. That’s fine with me; he’s going a bit stir-crazy with no to-do list… I’d rather he be stir-crazy outside of the house! =)

We’re really enjoying being back in PA and living near my folks and our sending church. We just love it here. And MRF is a lovely place to be. It’s quiet. We had forgotten what it’s like to not have people at your door or noise outside your home at 7am! Or what it’s like to not live with relatives! This is just blissful. I have to admit, it was odd taking Elena to the playground last week and not running into anyone at all. It was so quiet, it was almost absurd. I’m so used to having people to say hi to or make small talk with – it was strange being completely alone! 

I leave you with some pictures of the kids here at MRF. Have a wonderful week!

Elena and I made Valentines. Or attempted to. It didn’t last long enough to even have one to hand out to anyone! Oh well. Maybe next year.
Elena loves the playground at MRF. It was 40 degrees last week so Elena, Joseph, and I bundled up and played on the playground for about an hour. Yes, that’s Joseph’s little mittened hand in the bottom left corner of the picture.
This Sunday before heading to church we did some quick pictures. Joseph is wearing his little sweater Eva bought him from Cusco before he was born; Elena is donning an entire outfit from her cousin in FL, Charlotte. Aren’t they just the sweetest kids?!


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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