Closing Out

Last week was our last full week here in Peru. We fly out this Thursday morning at 1, which means we will leave our house and the camp here around 7pm Wednesday. Only three days here. How is that possible?

We had a very full week last week. It made the time f-l-y by! Brian was asked to build some cabinet doors and shelves for one of our friends – something they have wanted for years but have never been able to accomplish. Brian did an amazing job (I do believe they look better than mine….). He also worked on a water pump pretty much every day last week. The pool is being built, but they have to continually pump water out of the area they’re building (we live right on the water level) so there is a small, old water pump running almost constantly here, which means it also breaks down frequently. Brian has worked on the motor and the carborator and I don’t know what else pretty much every day since they started the pool over a week ago. When Brian wasn’t doing those two things, he was sorting and organizing and packing here at the house. We spent Saturday trying to go through the downstairs and we actually finished everything but the dishes and pots and pans we’re still using. Phew!

While Brian was out doing that stuff, I was busy finishing up school. Brian helped me extensively with that, too! Tuesday, we took the kids (finally) to the museum.

Janelle, Diana, Dana, Adriana, and Jeremy - with my little Elena tucked in there, too, of course.
Janelle, Diana, Dana, Adriana, and Jeremy – with my little Elena tucked in there, too, of course.

The museum was amazing. I haven’t been to a museum in years and I have never been to one with artificats this old (except for a small one we went to in Cajamarca in 2009). I really enjoyed it, though I was chasing around Elena literally the entire time. Toddlers + museums = horrible combination! We were able to get a guide. It was funny – he started off in English, but ended up switching to Spanish since his English was so bad it was hard for even ME to understand, much less my students! Once he started Spanish, he did a great job making it entertaining for the students. We saw lots of Incan artificats, mummies, paintings, artwork, and a whole floor was on the terrorism that happened here back about 20 years ago.

Gold Incan jewelry
Gold Incan jewelry
Wrappings used on mummies
Wrappings used on mummies

After the museum, we took the kids to Pizza Hut. Everyone, including the adults, were able to get their own pizza (even some of us adults got pasta) and drink. Pizza Hut is a rare treat for everyone, including ourselves, so it was really fun. And to finish off the trip, ice cream!

DSC01166The absolute best part of this trip, in my book, was the fact that the kids earned the entire thing by their bake sale. Neither the parents nor ourselves had to shell out a sol – it even covered gas for the two vehicles. šŸ™‚

Thursday afternoon, I finished classes. We had a run-through of our program that we put on Friday. Friday morning, my students cleaned the classroom really well while Brian and I went and did last minute errands for the program. Then, I had my official freak-out moments right before the program began. In the end, the program went off super well! My kids each “taught” the audience something they learned this year. Four of the five taught something having to do with science! My love of history has apparently not been passed on… After they “taught”, I asked the audience questions and they had a chance to win a prize by answering correctly. My students earned prizes by having their questions answered correctly. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and my kids did a great job. They also did specials on their recorders and the girls did a choreography and sang a song in English.



The kids each got certificates for their hard work this year. Then, they all surprised me with this:

God bless you; we love you!
God bless you; we love you!

And then, they each shared something they had written for me. They had their little speeches laminated so I could even keep them. I’d repeat them here for you, but they made me cry so I’d rather not repeat them just yet. Trust me, they were super sweet and undeserved. I love these kids. I’m so glad I had the privilege of teaching them these past four years.

Saturday, we worked on packing and got lots done. Unfortunately, Elena is finally feeling the upheaval and is not handling it very well. She’s getting very clingy, which we expected, and is moodier than usual. Pray for her. She’s little, but change is still not easy.

Sunday was our last Sunday at our church here, Vida Nueva (new life). Our pastor surprised us by announcing that it was our last Sunday and explaining a little about what we did here and where we might be going next. He even took the time to pray for us. We had so many people come up to say goodbye afterwards and say they would be praying – people we didn’t even really know! It meant a lot! We got a picture of Elena with her nursery workers whom she loved greatly. They were so generous and gave her a cute little purse as a souvenir of her time in nursery.

Today, we will be having lunch with three of our good friends here. And then it’s the finishing touches on packing.

Continue to keep us in your prayers this week. We have a lot left to do. We need to say some pretty emotional goodbyes. We have an almost 24hr trip to make with two very small children (one who doesn’t sit still for more than 20min at a time if we’re lucky). phew. I’m tired just thinking about all that’s left… I’ll let you know next week how everything goes this week!

Myself with my students, ther moms, and the 3 IBYM girls who helped me this year.
Myself with my students, ther moms, and the 3 IBYM girls who helped me this year.



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