Our Time in Peru, in Review: 2010

Today is the 2nd installment of the review of our time in Peru. Again, if you have questions about our life in Peru that you’d like answered – even if it’s just something you’re curious about – drop me a note! I’d love to answer your questions. 

We started off 2010 almost the same way we started our time in Peru in 2009: in Iquitos!

–We spent the entire month of January in Iquitos with some of our good friends. The men worked out in Llanchama again, every day. They built a giant cafeteria, another building, and two bathrooms.

the cafeteria, when it was not quite completed. it turned out beautiful! and huge!

The girls and I stayed back in Iquitos most of the time. We finished up prep for VBS. I did school planning. However, most of our time was spent dealing with the heat and preparing meals for the men. It’s amazing how much time it takes to cook for a bunch of men with no pre-made anything! We did everything from scratch and most of the prep began mid-morning.

This dish is called “causa” – made with potatoes, chicken, veggies, and tons of mayo.

It was also this month that we found out I was pregnant with Elena. I thought I’d contracted a parasite – I was so sick! I ended up in a clinic late at night where they finally did blood work to confirm what all my girl friends had been telling me for a week.

 –School this year was more of a challenge. There was an English speaking family here until June and their oldest son joined my kindergarten class for those months. It was interesting – he was a 5 year old boy who only spoke English while my other two kindergartners were 7 year old girls who only spoke Spanish! I spent basically the entire year teaching in English and translating almost everything into Spanish. However, my Spanish greatly improved! Children are the best teachers of a foreign language – they have no qualms in telling you how it really is.

–Brian helped BCM find new transportation. He also had to prepare everything for the different groups that visited. Everything must be ready before groups arrive so that time is not wasted in preparing the work they have come to do. Brian had a lot to do to make sure their accommodations were set as well as their work projects ready to go.

–One of the main highlights of 2010 was the visit from a group from our sending church in July! We were so excited to welcome the group.

They were involved in so much while they were here for 10 days. They helped with Pennies for Peru – puppets, clowns – the works!

Mike, our church’s youth pastor. =)

They participated in a baptismal service for our church plants. They helped with youth group and a women’s meeting. They had a part in church services. And they did work on the campus – they disassembled, moved, and then reassembled a storage building for the campus (the building behind them in the picture). We enjoyed getting to know the teens. Brian loved having coffee time every afternoon with the leaders. It was such a great, encouraging time with them – wish they could’ve stayed longer!

–The most obvious blessing of the year was the arrival of Elena Ruth – “Elena” because it works in any language (important for missionaries!), and “Ruth” after the most amazing woman I ever knew – my grandmother, Ruth Ribble, who passed away too soon in 2001. We welcomed Elena after a scary emergency c-section on September 29. I don’t think she’s stopped moving since. Neither have we! ha!

–This year, I decided to have a special program to finish school. The kids each did something special to show what they’ve learned throughout the year. The little girls read in English, the older kids quoted memorized verses and explained projects they did. I handed out certificates and prizes – the first time the kids have ever been acknowledged for their school work.

–Brian worked on getting the campus ready for our three month departure to the States for our first furlough. After July, Brian worked steadily on normal maintenance. He got the supply shed all organized and arranged with a system that worked for borrowing tools. He did manage to get his first major injury here… a couple days before Elena was born. He was working with a drill and, well, somehow the drill ended up in his thigh. God was watching out for him – it missed bone and a major artery. He still has a weird hole in his leg, but he’s fine. phew.

–On December 3, we flew with our new little baby to the freezing cold north for our first furlough. It was way (WAY) too cold for us when we landed in NYC that morning!

We were able to enjoy Christmas with my family before heading out west for January. To be honest, it was strange being back in the States. You become so accustomed to life in another country that to return can quite frankly be overwhelming at first. Let me just be honest with you – the first few weeks at church even left me totally overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. Even the way conversations are carried on in the States is totally different than here in Peru.

So, in 2011, Brian:

  • helped find new buses for the ministry (if you ever want an interesting story, ask Brian about the trip to purchase the blue van. He tells it better than I do!).
  • helped build 3 buildings in Iquitos and 3 storage sheds here in Lima.
  • got his supply shed organized and the work hours for the IBYM students began to get revamped.


  • got my two then kindergartners to read and write in English. Janelle was even beginning to speak in English by year’s end. 
  • wrote the Bible lessons for summer camps 2011. Also helped with the writing and revamping of skits and puppet sketches for other ministries.
  • became a mommy. 🙂 That occupied a lot of my time this year.

~This week, on Wednesday, is an international day of prayer and fasting for BCM. I’m going to post some prayer requests Wednesday morning so you can join us! Stay tuned as well for next Monday – the review of 2011.  ~


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