End of October

Our little boy is a month old!

Can you believe we’ve had Joseph for a month now? We can’t either! He’s growing like a weed – up to 8.5 pounds now! Looks like I’ll finally be able to put away his newborn clothes next week. Time flies, doesn’t it? I never believed it until I had kids of my own.

Last week the IBYM students were on their missions trips. From what we’ve heard, things went really well. The teens were very happy with how each trip went. There’s a slight complication right now with one group. One of our girls coming home from Cusco had an asthma attack on the trip. She and a few others ended up getting off the bus to go to a clinic. They asked when the bus was leaving and was told 8am. But, when they arrived back at the bus stop at 8am, the bus was already gone. It had left at 2am! Now, they’re basically stranded in a small city that has no buses and no way to get a bus. Please pray for them!! Everyone else made it home throughout the day today with no travel problems.

We took last week to get into a good rhythm as a family of four. I was able to do a lot more without Brian now that I’m not in pain and have more energy. This allowed Brian to get a lot more work done outside the home. He worked on one of the BCM vans and finally got it going this morning. Yes, it took all week!

We had our appointment at the U.S. Embassy last week to get Joseph his U.S. passport. Brian also got Joseph’s Peruvian paperwork done last week; we finished that up yesterday. Nothing here is done with just one visit, though. So, we’ve made multiple trips to each Peruvian place to finally get simple paperwork done. We’re tired from being in the car with two fussy children, but at least we’re done and don’t have to do it again!

This Sunday at church was really neat and I wanted to be sure to share it with you. We had special guests in church – one of which was a Peruvian missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators. He is working in the mountains of Peru, translating the Bible into Quechua. He brought with him two men, one of whom is Quechua and helping with the actual translation! The two men he brought with them sang a praise song in Quechua in typical mountain style. It was absolutely beautiful! I wish I had my video camera with me to share the music with you; it’s very hard to describe. The one man played a large drum and played a Peruvian flute simultaneously. The other sang and got the crowd clapping. Peruvian mountain music has a very distinct rhythm and sound – it’s really quite amazing. The best part about listening to them sing is the fact that the Quechua still don’t have the entire Bible in their language, yet with what little they have, they are getting saved. They shared that in the city they’re working in, they literally read the Bible over the radio – just read it! – and people are coming to the Lord. They are so excited to hear the Bible in their heart language for the first time. It was so neat to hear these men share. Wish you could’ve been there!

This week, I (Lisa) will be preparing some classes so I can go back to teaching Janelle at least a few times a week, a few hours a day. I also need to really plan our end of the year program coming up on the 30th of November. Joseph is into a really good schedule now so I’m able to plan my days better and have more free time. Though “more” is still not “a lot”!

Brian is doing just random jobs around campus these days. He’s working on the vans still. He’ll be doing some electrical work around the campus; we’ve had a lot of rain (well, Peruvian “rain” – nothing compared to Sandy!) so he needs to do some repairs. He’s also working on making a sign for our walk-in entrance. They’re trying to make it look more accommodating and welcoming and this new sign is part of that. The rest is just general repairs. He’ll be busy.

I should sign off before I fall asleep typing…. Watch our blog the next few weeks as I will be recapping our time here in Peru for you! I’m going to highlight events from each of the four years we have been here. Happy end-of-October!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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