It’s so hard to believe it’s the middle of October! All of a sudden, time just started flying by. We’re getting into a nice little family routine. Course, that’s pretty much all we’ve done for the past two weeks… Amazing how much time a toddler and a newborn take to maintain! 🙂

Brian has been able to take off the last two weeks completely to help me out. I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without him. He’s going to start doing more work this week, but Elena will be joining him for at least part of the mornings since I still can’t lift her or move horribly fast. I’m also nursing every 2hrs which limits my availability to Elena right now. In the afternoons we’re thankful Eva can come and help us out still, babysitting and doing some basic cleaning.

Last week was the Annual Family Fair. The play that I helped a little with came off without a hitch! It was so good!

There was at least 500 people in attendance from what we’ve heard, which is an amazing turnout. The weather was gorgeous – sunny most of the day and nice and warm. We took the kids out for a few minutes – Joseph’s first time out. We weren’t able to enjoy the fair like we normally do, but it was still nice to get out for awhile. Everything looked great and from the little we were able to observe, it seemed like it went really well.

Tomorrow is the annual day of “Olympics” and the spring banquet for the Bible school. Next week, the students will go on another week-long missions trip. They’re all divided up into different groups and will head out like they did earlier this year, going to different cities and participating in different ministries for a solid week. I know some are staying here to do another work project, some are going to Tarapoto to do Pennies for Peru, and some are going to Pucallpa to do an evangelism trip. I think there’s another group or two, but I could be wrong. Be in prayer for these trips! Safety, finances, and the opportunity to witness to many people.

I leave you with a cute picture of our little ones…


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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