The Calm Before the Baby.

Last week was a nice, quiet week. Every now and then, you just need a little bit of quiet in your life! I, however, didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. I spent most of the week resting in bed with lots of contractions and just general end-of-pregnancy achy-ness. Brian took Elena with him pretty much every day to do his work around campus. She helped with plumbing, planting a tree, and fixing stuff in some rooms. She hated coming back inside for nap times!

Brian spent the beginning of the week adding a railing to the stairs in our friend’s house:

Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

I am not really allowed to do much nor leave the house often, so I’m thankful Brian has been able to be around to help out so much. He’s getting his work-out – taking care of Elena, cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking! He’s been such an amazing husband (course, what else is new, right?).

Yesterday afternoon, we went to see my doctor. The baby is very healthy and considered full-term. She wanted him to have at least another week or so inside, though, so we scheduled my c-section for next Thursday, the 27th! Just a little over a week away now! We’re all set for him; just gotta wait for him to get here now.

Honestly, I’m not sure what’s on Brian’s plate this week. He has to be around to help me out a lot, so he’s not doing as much as normal. Though today he’s getting my school system all set up back down in the actual school building. I’m officially done teaching until sometime after the baby arrives.

Elena is realizing that something is going to happen soon, but of course she doesn’t get what exactly is going on. She keeps asking where the baby is whenever she sees the carseat, the clothes, or the newborn diapers. But when we ask if she wants a baby boy to come live with us, she say, “Umm, no.”

Well, that’s our short summary for now. Hope you all have a nice week, though we heard it’s starting to look and feel like fall up north! Enjoy it! We miss fall. Our spring is on its way… but it’s not here yet.

Thanks for checking in!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “The Calm Before the Baby.”

  1. Love your updates! Benjamin totally felt the change in the air shortly before Carolyn was born too. He wasn’t so sure about her for the first couple days, but now they can’t get enough of each other. Elena is going to be a wonderful big sister! Can’t wait for that baby boy! 😀

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