While the Toddler Sleeps…

…I thought I’d write a quick weekly update! 

Last week, thanks to Brian and Fernando making connections with a neighbor, Brian and Fernando planted:

Banana Trees!

Every single one of these trees was free and they are all big enough that within six months, if all goes well, the Bible school will have its own bananas. Considering how many bananas they go through a week, this is a HUGE blessing.

Also, a tractor came this week and tilled the area for the garden so Brian has been busy getting seeds ready for planting and starting to expand the garden.

While Brian has been busy planting, I’ve been finishing up teaching in the afternoons. I have a Bible school student who’s been helping me all year in the afternoons and she will officially take over teaching Janelle as well starting next Tuesday. I’ve been working on lesson plans and answer sheets for her and should have them done within another day or so.

I’ve also been experiencing a lot more signs that the baby is about ready to make his big debut! We could still be a few weeks out, so I’m not excited yet, but it’s obvious he’s on his way at least, which is a good thing. Hard to believe that at this point in my pregnancy with Elena, I was on bedrest with shingles. No sign of anything like that this time around, for which I am eternally grateful. It is strange being on my feet and active this far into the pregnancy, though, considering how hard it was with Elena!

This week is a pretty quiet week for us. Most of the other missionaries are leaving on their annual trip this evening. We are sticking close to home. Brian will be continuing his maintenance work and like I said, I have school stuff I need to do (though the kids are on a break at the moment, so no classes this week), as well as getting everything really ready for baby.

Now that the toddler is awake, I should probably tend to her and get off of here! Thanks for checking in with us!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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