Welcome, September!

So, we’re three days into September and it’s already feeling like spring here in Peru! Our winter has been miraculously short. Yesterday and today have both been sunny – a rarity in winter – which gives us hope that spring truly is just around the corner! 

Last week included:

  • Brian and Fernando getting the garden in better working order. They hired a tractor to till the area, but then, when it was done, realized it would probably need to be done again, by a different type of tractor! Bummer. Brian felt like it was somewhat of a wasted morning.
  • Brian spent an entire day getting packages that were mailed to us. Our mail system is, how I shall put this lightly?, a real pain! Two packages mailed to the exact same address, only one that was overweight, and both were sent to customs – in two different areas! But, you know, our God is faithful in even the little things like mail. Brian was not charged for our packages, though he could’ve been. Nothing was taken from the packages, which has happened before. He found both places without problems and was on his way home four hours earlier than he’d planned on, which is amazing. But, we have to warn you: we have no mailing address at the moment! Actually, no one at BCM Peru has an address at the moment, so don’t mail anything to any of us, not even letters, until further notice. It’s hard to understand, but basically our address as it is right now is technically not correct for the district we live in, so we need to get a new one. But, that’s currently not very easy to do, so it could potentially be awhile. We will let you know! Until then, emails are wonderful. 🙂
  • I worked each afternoon leading the rehearsals for the big play that will be put on during the Family Fair on October 8. The two girls that are actually in charge of the play were not here last week, so I stepped in and helped out. I feel like they got the 5 scenes we worked on down pretty good and it’s at least a starting-off point for the rest of their rehearsals.
  • We welcomed home both the Baillys and the Flores. The Baillys you might remember went to Cuenca, Ecuador, for a month to help with camps up there (something they have been doing annually). They returned home on Wednesday. The Flores (James is Brian’s partner) were in Iquitos for two months helping with the work in Llanchama and returned on Saturday. This means that I have my other two students back in the classroom and Brian has his partner home to help him.
  • Brian worked on drawing up plans for a few potential projects. It’s all dependent on finances and if there’s enough, he’ll be plenty busy for the next three months!

September, at the moment, looks something like this:

  • I will teach in the afternoons this week, but then I’m done teaching in the afternoons until sometime after baby arrives.
  • This Friday, the 7th, one of our single missionary guys will have his civil wedding ceremony (two ceremonies here – civil and then religious) to a 1st year student, so we’ll be attending the ceremony and the reception afterwards.
  • Next week is vacation. All the students will be gone and the missionaries will be going on their annual trip together. We are obviously not going – I am too far along in the pregnancy and having too many signs of labor to travel or want Brian gone!
  • On the 17th we have our next check-up and hopefully that will help us narrow down more or less when this baby is going to arrive. At the moment, it looks like he could be here in September, but we really are not sure! We will also be deciding if he will arrive via c-section or a normal delivery. We’re leaving that in God’s hands; we do not know which is better right now.
  • Brian is hoping to get the garden going really well. He also would like to begin a project or two if possible this month.

Hope you all have a nice day off today! We may not get a day “off” but we’re sure going to enjoy our sunshine while it lasts! 


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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