Women’s Retreat

This past weekend was the 5th Annual BCM Peru Women’s Retreat. I’ve been here for 4 of the 5- hard to believe! This year’s theme was “Take Your Time” and the guest speaker was Marion Odicio – her husband, Carlos, was the director of BCM Peru up until this year. She spoke about how what we do here matters in eternity and gave practical things for the women to do now that has eternal value. Even though the attendance was down this year from last year, it was still a nice weekend. For many of these women, this is a new experience and one they look forward to yearly. They bring their children (Peruvian husbands are many things, but “babysitter” is not one of them!) and enjoy having a very feminine time away from home. This year, during the testimonials Sunday afternoon, one older lady stood up and told us that she had accepted Christ as Savior this weekend! She came kind of last-minute with her niece and was so glad she did because she finally found what she had been searching for her whole life. Praise the Lord! Attendance numbers don’t matter; it’s the hearts that are changed that matters.

I was able to go almost the whole weekend. This unborn child of mine is making me awfully tired lately, so I wasn’t able to attend the whole thing. But, I’m glad I got to go when I could. It was just a nice weekend! Here’s some pictures to give you a glimpse of how it went:

The decorations Saturday morning. We use the cafeteria as the eating area and the chapel area. It looked really nice!
The front of the chapel area.
Look closely – hearts hanging on the windows.
Really beautiful, done by hand, poster some of our young missionary ladies did for the craft room.
Working on their craft – this year it was making clocks.
Decor change-up Saturday evening for the banquet.
Worship time during the banquet.
Not a very good picture, but this is Marion speaking at the banquet.
The women Sunday afternoon.
Close-up of a couple finished clocks (they even worked!).
All the women who attended. The lady with the white hair on the right is the one who received the Lord this weekend.

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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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