Brian’s Trip Part 2

Brian’s been in Ireland now for a few days. He spent Tuesday and Wednesday with our good friends, the Nolans, who are not part of BCM, just good Irish friends who visited Peru a few times. They took him sightseeing in their area and he had some good talks with them. He was able to meet a BCM missionary who is 70 years old and drove down from Dublin just to meet him. Brian was very encouraged by their “tea time.”

Thursday afternoon, he finally arrived at BCM’s camp – Castledaly Manor. We’ve seen lots of pictures, but he said it’s even more beautiful in person. There, he met BCM Ireland’s director, Richard, and his wife. He spent yesterday talking with Richard and getting familiar with the campground. Today, Richard apparently had some small maintenance projects for him to work on (which, if you know Brian, you know he would much rather work than sit around doing nothing!). Tomorrow, he has that meeting with the board of directors for Castledaly Manor. Sunday evening, campers arrive for a week of camp so he will get to see that in action for at least a day. Monday evening he’ll return to the Nolan’s who will take him to catch his plane early Tuesday morning.

Things sound like they’re going quite well. A lot of our questions have already been answered. Brian has thoroughly enjoyed his time over there. The food, of course, has been amazing (I’m trying very hard to not be jealous as I eat my fish, beans, and rice from the IBYM cafeteria while listening to Brian talk about steak, blueberries, and cheesecake!). The people sound like they’re very nice. Brian is very thankful for this time he’s getting to spend over there.

Here on the homefront it’s been a little difficult. This is the first time Brian’s been gone overnight at all since Elena was born and honestly, she’s not handling it very well. She definitely misses her daddy, especially at bedtime. Last night was the first night all week that she slept through the night. She also got a cold first thing Monday, so that’s worn her down, too. Our days are going by just fine; it’s the nighttimes that are truly difficult.

If you think of us, you can continue to pray for:

  • The remainder of Brian’s trip – that he would get all of our questions answered and have a good meeting with the board of directors tomorrow morning.
  • Safety for Brian as he flies home Tuesday (he should land in Lima around 11pm Tuesday night).
  • Elena – pray for her health (ever since she got that flu, her immune system has been knocked down). Pray as well that she would be obedient and would sleep better through the night.
  • Myself – stamina to make it through these last few days. Being 8 months pregnant and chasing around a toddler every day and night all alone is difficult, just to be honest! [I have decided I am not cut out to be a single mom! Ever.]

Thanks so much! I’ll let you all know when he’s safely home. 


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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