Brian’s Trip

Brian made it safely to Ireland! He arrived at 9:30am central time today; 3:30pm local Dublin time. He had more than 24hrs of travel and was exhausted, but he was glad to be there. We are both so thankful that he made all his connecting flights; he told me it didn’t look like he would make it a couple of times! Between going through customs and security and arriving late, it really is amazing he made all of his flights on time. When he landed (finally) in London (they had to circle 45 extra minutes), he had only 45 minutes to make it to the next gate and that included customs, security, and going on a 25 minute shuttle bus ride to his gate! But, praise God, he made it safely, on time, and his ride (our friends, the Nolans – visited Peru in 2009 and 2010) were there waiting for him.

We don’t know his itinerary except that he will meet the BCM Ireland director Thursday sometime and he has a meeting with the board that runs the BCM camp Saturday at 11am local time. He returns home next Tuesday.

Please be in prayer for him this whole week. Pray for his health and that he would adjust quickly to the 6 hour time difference. Pray as he has meetings and meets the BCM Ireland team.

You can be praying for Elena and I here at home. Elena woke up yesterday with a nasty fever and a cold. We had a very long day yesterday, which ended with her not really falling sound asleep until 4am. She’s doing better today, but the cold is hanging on. I’m very thankful for all the help I’m getting here while Brian’s gone. Eva is here during the week and it gives me time to get some rest while she takes care of Elena and helps with some stuff around the house. Sharise and Eva are both keeping me company, which I greatly appreciate. I’m sure the time will pass just fine.

That’s all I know! If I hear more, I’ll try to update it here. Thanks for joining us in prayer! 


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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