Conoce Al IBYM and Beyond!

We’ve had a ridiculously long week. Today is Wednesday and I just now feel like we’re starting a new week. You all read about the baby incident last Monday (thanks for the support, by the way!). From that day on, things were just crazy around here. Here’s a summary of our last week of July:

–My students came down on Wednesday to finish up everything for their bake sale. We spent the morning baking brownies (“Mrs. Ribble’s Famous Brownies” – my mom’s recipe that everyone here loves so much):

–While we waited for the brownies to bake, I talked with them about what would happen during the bake sale itself:

I just had to include this one – Elena wanted to be a part of the girls listening. As soon as I was done, she took my seat and “taught” them again.

–Then, they made their signs for the bake sale. They did a great job! I wish I’d gotten a picture of the final products. You’ll just have to trust me – they looked wonderful.

–Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, we finished up the practices for the skits and choreography for Conoce Al IBYM. The students did such a great job! The rehearsals were a lot of fun, too. We got a lot accomplished in a very short amount of time. Here’s a few pictures from the skit I wrote called “Decisions” and one picture of another skit about whether or not to be a missionary:

The skit opens with talking about how we make decisions from the moment we get up in the morning. Here, we have the “bed”, the “dresser”, and (to the left) the “fridge.”
The main actor eventually ends up in university where he makes the poor decision to not study and therefore does not graduate (he’s not in this picture). But, each scenario has a “rewind” where we see him make the correct decision and eventually, he does graduate.
Here, the main actor is making the poor choice to mooch off his parents and not go to work. Like his “chair”? The skit ends with him making the decision to wait to accept Christ… and he dies in a car accident. The narrator reminds everyone that the decision to accept Christ is personal and needs to be made today, before it’s too late, because there are no second chances with eternity.
Another skit they did was about a girl who wanted to become a missionary, but a bunch of demons convince her that she has plenty of time, so she decides that maybe she’ll do it later.

–Thursday afternoon, Conoce Al IBYM officially began! We honestly weren’t sure how the turnout would be since the official holiday wasn’t until Saturday and some were still in school until then. But, by Thursday evening, there was more than 40 teens here and by the time it was all over, they said we had about 115 kids (up from around 80 last year). So, not too bad considering the odd dates this year! Pastor Jon did a great job, as usual. The music was wonderful – they did new songs and we have a first year student who can SING like you wouldn’t believe who led everything. The skits turned out wonderful!!

Unfortunately, for our little family, we didn’t get to see half of the event! Thursday morning, Elena woke up vomiting and was sick the entire day. Friday evening, it hit me. Saturday morning at 3, it hit Brian. We were down for the count until Monday, really. Miserable, awful flu! Elena threw up again Monday night, but we think it’s finally out of her system today. Now if we can just get her to eat!!

Here are a few pictures from the little bit we were able to be at CAI:

The 1st night – this is Sharise giving her testimony.
The musicians
2nd morning – little bigger crowd. Compartiendo (Pennies for Peru) did a presentation and offered the chance for the teens to volunteer this year.

–My students sold their baked goods Friday and Saturday morning. Before we had even set everything up, we had a crowd! In typical Peruvian market fashion, we were inundated with – “Give me this!” “I want one of those!” “How much for that?” – all at once. We had purposefully set up the bake sale while the teens were in their workshops that way we’d be ready when they were out of the workshops and beginning sports. We forgot to take into account all the missionaries and other people wandering around not involved in the workshops! Before the workshops were done, we had sold out of at least half of our items. About an hour into the sale, we were sold out completely! Friday afternoon, before I got sick, Brian helped me bake two more batches of brownies and three more batches of cupcakes for the next day. My friends, Shantal and Becky, were just awesome helpers – helping with the kids, controlling the crowds, and then, on Saturday, frosting the cupcakes and doing the whole thing for me. I literally could not have done it without them!! In the end, the kids earned enough money to finally go on a nice field trip to the biggest museum in Lima (rated one of the best in Latin America) and we’ll do a nice pizza lunch afterwards. Even their parents, Brian, and myself will be able to participate without having to pay a penny out of our own pockets. The kids should be very proud of themselves!

Not even set up yet and already people asking for baked items! The kids were so excited!
Jeremy was our sandwich sign man. He was in charge of making sure people knew the prices and then he helped the girls with the money.

That was last week! Phew.

This week is my last week of teaching Jeremy and Janelle until September. Their family goes to Ecuador just about every year to help a church up there hold a few weeks of camps. This year, they’ll be gone the entire month. This greatly reduces my work load… and I’m okay with that!

Then, on Monday – we say goodbye to Brian for about 9 days. 😦 If you somehow missed it in our newsletter, please don’t miss it here: We are seeking to see where the Lord would have us next. We feel our time in Peru is coming to a close and BCM Int’l has asked us to consider moving onto BCM Ireland. Brian is leaving Monday afternoon for a week-long vision trip to Ireland. He’ll be seeing the camp there, meeting the team, the director, and having a meeting Saturday the 11th with the board. He will be back in Peru by Tuesday the 14th.

Please pray for:

  1. …Safety for Brian as he travels internationally alone. His itinerary keeps changing slightly because one of his stops is London. He will be flying Lima-Miami-London-Dublin, which is about a 24hr trip both ways.
  2. …Wisdom as he meets with people we don’t know. He is representing our entire family – pray he remembers the questions to ask and gets all the answers we need to make a wise, informed decision.
  3. Pray that God would make it very clear to us whether Ireland is where He would have us or not. We would really like to have a very clear vision of our future by the time Brian returns.
  4. Elena and I as we are home alone for that length of time. This is not a foreign thing (to be home without husbands) for my co-workers, but it is for me. Pray that I would have patience with my little girl and endurance to take care of her alone while Brian is gone.

If you have any questions at all about Brian’s trip, please drop us an email! We do not mind answering questions.

Enjoy your warm week up north! We’re cold and rainy here. 😦 


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