Week in Review

Well, we had a rough week! If you follow me on Facebook, you know a little of what went on. This is how my child looked most of the end of the week:

Unfortunately, her father looked about the same!

Brian’s allergies really acted up with all that dust last week in our house. He got the dust cleaned out by Tuesday afternoon, but it made him just incredibly sick. He’s still fighting cold-like symptoms and not feeling 100%, but at least he’s up and moving around finally. We’re honestly not sure if it was allergies that hit Elena or some type of flu-bug. We know a few people who have had bad stomachs lately, but nothing quite the same. We’ll probably never know. Basically, we had a very sick little girl on our hands from Wednesday to Saturday. She was vomiting, running a very high fever, not eating, barely drinking, not smiling or jabbering, and just wanting to sleep. Today, however, she’s much more back to normal. Praise the Lord! We are so thankful, though, that she is not a sickly child. She’s almost 2 and I can honestly say that this is the first time she’s been that sick. So very thankful!

So, that was pretty much our entire week. Thursday and Friday I didn’t teach. Wednesday I came home from teaching early because Elena was getting sick everywhere and my babysitter needed help. Saturday morning we went out for three hours just to run some necessary errands and Elena literally slept the rest of the day. Yesterday, we didn’t even go to church just so they could have one more day of full recuperation. It was rainy and cold, too, so I didn’t really want either of them outside. They both slept most of the day anyway!

This week is already looking better. Elena is much more her feisty, talkative self. Phew.

I’m not sure what Brian has on his plate this week, though I can imagine he feels like he’s behind on everything since he really didn’t work last week. This is my last week of school before a week-long, much-needed vacation. This Friday it looks like my students will go do a little program at a local Christian deaf school. I won’t be able to go, but I’m sure they’ll do just fine. This is our second week of rehearsals for the skits for Conoce Al IBYM. They’re coming together, but the students really need to work hard this week! I was supposed to finish all the baking on Friday with the kids for the bake sale, but looks like I’ll just move that to early next week which works out better anyway. Thursday evening, we welcome our good friend, Pastor Jon Rissmiller, back to Peru! He’s a pastor from North Carolina who will be the special speaker (for the 2nd year in a row) at Conoce Al IBYM next week. Friday afternoon, we have our monthly check-up on little Baby M., who I’m convinced never sleeps – this child moves constantly!

Have a lovely week! If you think of us, be sure to drop a prayer on our behalf – we could sure use it! And if you haven’t read our newsletter yet, please (!!!) be sure to do so!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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