Gardens ‘n’ Stuff

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! We had a nice evening with Sharise. Brian and I worked together to make our lovely allAmerican dinner!

Brian worked last week on building a greenhouse! This is a project he’s wanted to be able to do for a few years now, so he’s very excited to finally see it come to fruition.

Brian working with a student one afternoon to clear the area and then set up the basic structure.
This is right near our house – our house is behind me. This is the end of BCM’s property.
Elena and Eva watching the boys work.
The finished product! Brian lovingly calls this a very spiritual name: “the BCM drug shack.” From a distance, that’s definitely what it looks like! Unfortunately. However, planted inside (in tires!) are carrots, lettuce, and cilantro.

If this experiment works, this will be a huge help to the BCM kitchen. They go through a mountain (literally!) of root vegetables, scallions, tomatoes, etc, every week. This could save them a bundle and may even provide a bigger diet for the students. Brian and his gardener, Fernando, are ecstatic about the possibilities. And the best part? So far, it’s cost BCM nothing! Everything are things that were already here, just re-purposed.

Last Friday, I had my first day of baking in preparation for the bake sale with my students.

The group! I taught them how to make oatmeal cookies.

Friday afternoon, they worked with Shantal and made 2 batches of sugar cookies. This Friday, they’ll work with my other friend, Becky, and make plain white cupcakes. Before the actual event, I’ll frost them – half with chocolate and half with manjar blanco (we call it “Peruvian peanut butter” – it’s made from sweetened condensed milk that’s been cooked for hours and hours – like a dulce de leche cream. I’m going to experiment and turn it into a – hopefully – fluffy frosting!).

This week started off a little odd. A student asked to do some work around our house Monday morning because he’s low on cash. Brian asked him to sweep down the outside of the house because it’s covered in spider webs. Somehow he interpreted that to mean, “Please sweep the outside of our incredibly dusty windows.” Brian made our screens and they don’t detach, so cleaning the outside of our windows or the screens themselves is nearly impossible. You have to completely remove the screens to do so, which is not an easy task. We live in essentially the desert, so you cannot even begin to imagine the dust that has accumulated on our screens! He swept all of them pretty clean. Unfortunately, all of that dust (and we’re talking inches of dust per window) came inside. All over my furniture, our beds… well, the entire house. Eva worked on cleaning the house yesterday afternoon and did more today. Brian borrowed a vacuum cleaner today to clean out the windowsills and finish the job. He worked for a solid four hours in this awful, thick, surprisingly greasy dust. Needless to say, his allergies did not enjoy that job. Our windows look amazing, but we’re not anxious to go through that again! I still feel like all I smell is dust. bleck. To top it off? Brian stayed home this afternoon because he’s been having a hard time breathing and wouldn’t ya know it, some students took it upon themselves to burn brush right next to our house so our house filled with smoke for the entire afternoon! By the time Brian asked them to put it out, it took an hour for the smoke to actually die down. So, he’s still not feeling well and now our house smells faintly like smoke and dust. Fun! Hopefully the rest of this week will go a little more smoothly.

I’ve been working with Shantal on getting skits ready for Conoce Al IBYM. I wrote two of them and she’s fixing and translating them right now. We began rehearsals with our little drama team last night. We continue rehearsals tomorrow night and Friday evening. So far, so good, but the tough ones are yet to come! 🙂 They have to learn 5 different specials (4 skits and 1 choreography) in two and a half weeks. ahh!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! We’re enjoying the effects of El Niño, though the Peruvian president still denies it’s here. The sun, warm weather, and very little “winter weather” seem to tell a different tale, though… Still not as warm as you in the States, though, so if you need a break from the heat, come visit! 


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