Julio! [July!]

¡Bienvenidos al mes de julio! [Welcome to the month of July!]

Christmas is right around the corner, can you believe it? 😉 Hard to believe we’re halfway through the year already!

Last week

  • I had two days off of afternoon teaching, once because I had no babysitter and once for our month coordination meeting with all the missionaries.
  • Brian and a few other men worked on a construction project Tuesday, off-campus.
  • Tuesday evening, we had over Bob Evans for dinner (BCM Int’l missionary) and had an absolutely wonderful time with him (like always!).
  • Wednesday, I met with a friend about the upcoming bake sale for my students. Plans are coming along really well! Friday, the kids went around and collected donations (in the form of ingredients) from fellow missionaries.
  • Thursday, we realized at least one of Elena’s pesky molars is finally in! Just three more to go…
  • Friday, I was conned (coerced, I tell you!) into making chocolate chip cookies for Sharise and Brian – something we haven’t had in months. So good. Thanks to Bob, we enjoyed those wonderful delicacies with decaf coffee. Ahh, the good life.
  • Saturday evening, we went out to dinner with James, Violeta, and Jellka to say goodbye. They left campus this morning and will fly out to Iquitos tomorrow. We’ll see them again the beginning of September.

I’d post pictures, but like a good mom, the battery in my camera died a few days ago and it’s still not charged. Whenever I finally remember, I’ll have pictures for you!

This week, Brian is doing some tile work. He finally has the bathrooms in working order (only took almost two weeks!). He will be drawing up plans for an outdoor picnic area for the Bible school. The hope is to have it built before the open house the end of the month. He also needs to work on leaky roofs and figure out how to get them fixed without having to spend a fortune.

I started my 3rd grader on an additional course on the computer this week. This Friday, the kids start baking for the bake sale (they’ll bake the next 3 Fridays). This is also report card week… one of their favorite weeks of the year, I’m sure.

We don’t currently have big plans for the 4th of July. I want to be sure we have burgers and potato salad, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Hope you all enjoy your holiday week! Enjoy the fireworks, rodeos, and s’mores for us! 

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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