New Week!

I don’t know about you, but I like having a routine. Last week, after our anniversary on Monday, the week was pretty routine. And that was fine with me!

My students were given an awesome gift last week from Bekah (remember her?- she lived with us for a month last year):

We have never had a microscope in the school before and the kids have always needed one. This is a huge blessing – especially since Jeremy’s studying biology this year! They’ll get plenty of use out of it. The first thing they will be inspecting this week is a giant spider Brian caught outside our house last week. We’re still not sure if it was poisonous and it took almost a week for it to finally die. Now that it’s dead, Brian will take some pictures and we’ll post them and see if any of you have any ideas what kind it was!

My students had a baking class Friday morning. They made some muffins with my friend, Shantal, and then they had the task of handing out most of them and just keeping a sampling for their families. It went really well! The kids were so proud of themselves and they enjoyed giving them to mostly IBYM students and a few missionaries, who enjoyed them as well.

Shantal and the girls reading the directions and ingredient list.
Dana and Adriana working on banana muffins
Janelle and Diana working on cinnamon muffins
Elena working on… being cute, of course
Getting ready to go in the oven!

This was good practice for their month of July. The end of the month is the annual open house and I’ve decided the kids should do a bake sale during the 3-day event. They will bake the majority of the items themselves and will be in charge of the sale. All the proceeds  will go to a field trip to a museum – something these kids have never done. They’re very excited (and so am I!), but it’s going to take some work, organization, and prep on my part. Thankfully, I have two friends helping me, so I think we’ll be just fine.

Brian spent the latter part of his week working on ….

… urinals!

He admits it was not his most favorite couple of days. They took out the urinal that sits in the ground and then replaced lots of piping in the walls. The bathrooms are one part of the campus that was here when BCM moved in and the plumbing is just horrendous inside the walls. Our water is not full of amoebas or anything – just loads of minerals that rot the pipes through. So, a lot of the plumbing inside the wall was just completely ruined. Even just this weekend, a camper broke (yet another) sink off the wall and the problem is really the bad piping inside the walls. They had to fix actual walls, too, plus the place was, well, just a mess! This morning, Brian was busy cleaning yet more toilets. If ever anyone needed to be up on their shots, it’s him! 

Friday evening we saw our little baby M. again. She’s very healthy… sitting perfectly upright in my uterus with no intention of moving. I’ve been having quite a bit of pain by my old c-section incision, so I’m not to lift Elena this week (which is really hard!) in hopes to help those muscles heal some. The baby is resting all of her weight right on the scar which isn’t helping. Hopefully with some rest from lifting my toddler I can get this pain to go away.

This week also looks pretty routine. Brian has a construction project to work on tomorrow (off-campus) with his team. And… that’s about it! There’s something nice about routine, isn’t there?


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