The Week, the Holiday, the Anniversary

Apparently last week was pretty quiet. I obviously didn’t blog and now that I’m sitting down to think about the week, I really can’t remember much of what happened! Hmm. I guess that just means it was “business as usual.” 

I did spend the beginning of each day last week teaching my two older students how write good paragraphs. Somehow in their studies over the years, this basic information was missed by both of them (10th grader and 5th grader). So, I used a course actually made for 3rd grade and adapted it to them. It went really well, so I’m hoping they will remember what they’ve learned for future assignments!

Thursday evening, Brian and the other dads here had a BBQ after chapel. Friday evening was the monthly “social” (where the students dress up, play games, and have prizes), but we didn’t attend. This cold that I’m still struggling with hit again full-force Friday and by evening, I just wanted to be in bed! So, we opted to stay home. Apparently during the evening, though, they celebrated Father’s Day.

Saturday, I was feeling some better, so I asked Brian to please, please take me to get my hair cut! He graciously complied and I got my hair cut (sorry, still no pictures…) and then we tried out a new Mexican restaurant! What some of you may not realize is that Peruvian food is not spicy and does not resemble Mexican food… at all. We do not eat beans, tortillas, or salsa. “Salsa” here means “sauce.” “Tortilla” is usually referring to a flat, fried egg, like an omelet without the filling or the fold. Finding anything genuinely spicy is a real challenge! A friend of mine told me about this taco place and we decided we’d check it out since the prices sounded reasonable. She was so right. It was authentic Mexican food, complete with refried beans (haven’t had those in years!!) and spicy salsa! The prices were good and we enjoyed having something totally out of the norm.

Sunday was Father’s Day. It’s not celebrated as extensively as Mother’s Day, but it still warranted some specials at church:

These are 3 little boys who shared about their fathers.
Some of the older elementary kids shared about how their dads are like the different men of the Bible (Noah, Abraham, etc) and how they want to be like them.
Some women read some Psalms about fathers.

We also had a special solo and then a few of the teens did a special as well. It was a nice service. The gift for all the dads was a few different building tools that went along with the sermon. Brian already had them, so he’s going to give them away to a friend.

We came home from church and I made us a nice lunch that we shared with Sharise (a girl from the States doing Bible School here) and Will (the boy visiting from Ireland, who leaves today). It was SO good – turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Thanksgiving on the miniature, Brian’s favorite. 🙂

Brian with his baby girl after church.

Then Monday was our 7th Anniversary! Eva and Sharise helped babysit for us so we could go out to lunch and spend the afternoon together. We were able to share a nice lunch and our mall just opened a Cinnabon store so we had those for dessert. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve had one, so it was a really nice treat! I have to admit, though, it was very strange being without our little girl for an entire afternoon… This is only the third time since she was born that we’ve gone out without her. It’s strange! And yet somehow… relaxing.

This week, a BCM missionary, Bob Evans, is here. He comes annually and we love having him around. Brian takes Will to the airport this afternoon. I’m having a planning session with some friends about the possibility of a bake sale for Conoce Al IBYM with my students (July). And sometime within the next week or two, we say goodbye to our friends, James and Violeta, for the next few months.

I know this entry is long enough as it is, but I wanted to take a minute to share with you about James and Violeta and what they will be doing soon. 

James, Violeta, and Jellka Flores

James, as you probably know by now, is Brian’s partner on the maintenance team. He and Violeta also work with Apoyo, our evangelism team. Jellka is about six months older than Elena – just turned 2 in April. Brian built their house next door to ours in December.

The team we have in Iquitos needs some help pretty badly. The main need right now is for a woman to live with the teen girls at our boarding house in Llanchama. Currently, there is just a single missionary man living at the Quiruma House with the teenage boys. So, our director asked James and Violeta if they would be willing to go to Iquitos until about September, live in Llanchama with the Quirumas, and help occasionally with Apoyo activities.

They readily agreed … and will be leaving soon! You can be praying for them. They will be living out in the jungle with essentially no transportation to town for most of each month. The camp has no electricity except for two hours at night with a generator. There is the danger of poisonous creatures and Jellka is a very normal, very curious 2 year old. They will have a lot of new responsibilities, not to mention a new living situation, new climate, new lifestyle, etc etc etc. Violeta will be cooking for the teens, but currently the gas refrigerator is broken down and there is no money to fix or replace it. Couple this with trips to any kind of market only once a month and you can see how she has a challenge ahead of her!

Please pray for them. I have to just be honest and say I’m not sure I could do what they’re doing! Pray also for Brian. While James is gone, his workload will be substantially more.

Thanks for reading this rather long update! Hope you have a lovely week!


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