Sunday Wrap-Up

It was a pretty quiet week, hence the lack of an update in the middle of it. So, here’s a brief wrap-up of our first week of June:

Brian and his team worked on putting up a garage for our buses this week. Took about 3 days. I got pictures of the beginning process, but didn’t get a picture of the finished garage yet. It is done (just needs to be varnished) and looks very nice.

Beginning the garage: they had to take down a flimsy one that was up then dig new holes for the new posts.
Once the posts were in, they had to be cemented in place; Brian recruited a good sized team to help get the job done faster.
The boy in the jeans and white shirt is a teen from Ireland visiting for two weeks. Brian picked him up from the airport Tuesday and he helped Brian most of the week.

–Last Sunday and Monday, I had laryngitis for the first time in as long as I can remember. Even whispering hurt! I wasn’t able to teach Monday afternoon, but was feeling much better by Tuesday.  However, a cough kept me awake most nights this week. It’s now clearing up – finally! Janelle, my afternoon student, wrote me a sweet note on the whiteboard during her break this week:

–Thursday night, Elena came plodding into our room (around 2am, really) burning up with a fever of well over 100. She was very quiet all day Friday and her fever didn’t really break until sometime overnight. She was fine Saturday, though seemed to run one again Saturday night. We’re 90% this is still molar-related. These teeth are sure taking their time! My Fridays are very quiet anyway, but Brian asked me to cancel the kids’ geography class and be sure to stay home with Elena all day. I’m glad I did; she was just not her happy little self.

My fever baby, surprisingly content in her jammies with her cornflakes and “Toy Story 2.”

–This week, we will hopefully finalize plans for the visit of some friends from the States! Praying everything works out!! Brian will be working with our gardener this week trying to come up with plans for starting a BCM garden on campus (which, if it works out, would be genius!). The rest of his to-do list is pretty general maintenance. I will be starting teaching my older kids how to write better paragraphs using a series that came with my 3rd grade curriculum this year. Friday morning, I’ll teach another music class. The kids are coming along (slowly, but surely!) with reading music and playing the recorder. Hopefully soon they can learn a song or two to play in chapel time.

Also on the agenda this week: roasted red pepper soup. Gotta love winter food! Also, gotta start making plans for Brian’s Father’s Day (though we won’t be able to attend church – boo – since Brian has guard duty on the campus this week) and our 7th anniversary which is coming up on the 18th!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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