June’s Here!

I sit here on the couch trying to type this update with this little one kissing her own reflection on the back of my laptop and then peeking around the corner of it to say, “Hi!” We’ll see how long it takes me to write this short weekly update…

The only thing that really went on this week happened on Thursday. Brian’s team decided to do another service project in our town. This time, it was his gardener’s, Fernando, idea on what to do. Fernando’s 9 year old daughter attends the public school in town and somehow Fernando got wind that the school wanted to paint new classrooms they just built. He talked with the president of the school and basically offered the services of the Bible school students. The President was very excited and readily agreed, so Thursday afternoon, basically all the students and Brian’s team trooped up to town and worked on painting:

However, I wish I had better news on how it went. Yes, they accomplished the actual task of painting the rooms. Unfortunately, the kids just didn’t seem to grasp the concept of being good testimonies while they did so. They were loud and disruptive while classes were still going on next door in the school. A lot of the moms who were waiting for their kids were watching and the impression the kids made was not good. Brian was very disappointed in them. So, the next time they do any kind of service project (later this month), there will be a few more rules and guidelines. The idea is not simply that they do the work and mess around while they’re at it. The idea is to impact the community and show them we’re different. The only way to truly do this is to lead by example, so there will be more service projects in the future… just with probably more guidance laid down before they head out.

I did have an encouraging conversation with Eva on Friday. She and her dorm are developing a real burden to start a Bible study in our pueblito. So, sometime this month, they’re hoping to go up on a Friday evening and meet in a public area and invite people from town to join them. I hope they follow through with it and that it goes well!

Elena is still trying to get molars. Stubborn teeth! All the others popped through within a day or two of showing signs they were on their way; these are taking forever! Poor baby.

I got hit with the cold that the rest of the family is already over. It’s settling deep in my chest, though, and I’m very hoarse today for the third day in a row (although today, I really can’t talk no matter how hard I try!). If this keeps up, I may need to see my doctor again, so pray this clears up soon!

Yesterday was the annual yardsale we always go to. It was a really nice morning! It’s always nice to hear lots of English (most of the people who come and most of the vendors are English-speaking) and they always make “American hamburgers” over a barbecue (worth going to the yardsale for the food even if you don’t buy anything else!). We were able to find a few things we needed. One of the major pluses was finding a warm carseat cover for the new baby’s carseat while we’re in the States. The Peruvian lady selling it had no idea what it was and sold it to us for about $2! Definite highlight. Elena was happy we came home to her with a bunch of new books.

This week looks to be pretty quiet and “normal” (is there such a thing??). We should know by Wednesday if that ends up being true or not… 


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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