Quiet Weekend

We have had a very nice, very quiet weekend here. Yesterday, Elena went to play with some friends and so we even had about an hour to ourselves – which just never happens! Even today, we’re just relaxing and enjoying not having anything pertinent to do… even the house is clean! 🙂 We were able to watch a friend’s wedding via the internet today, too. A good friend from CIT (our cultural training years ago!) got married today in Denver and was kind enough to stream it live so people like us could “attend”, too. Gotta love technology!

All the students were back from their trips by Wednesday. Eva came down Wednesday evening and we were able to hear about the Cusco trip. The people of Cusco are very closed. They are Catholic, but they’ve mixed it so much with their ancient Indian traditions and beliefs that it is not a Catholicism that any of us are familiar with. During door-to-door evangelism, the kids got yelled at, doors slammed in their faces… not fun. They had people shouting mean things during some open-air events. The churches that they visited have been around quite awhile, but are still very small (50 people or less). The area is steeped in “religion” but are still so lost. The one event that seemed to go very well was outside an all-girls’ school. The kids were asking lots of questions and our students talked to many of the parents as well. Pray for Cusco – and pray especially for the opportunity for BCM Peru to begin a work up there and help out these churches who seem to be at a loss as to what to do next to reach the community.

Thursday evening, the students showed pictures of their campaigns and talked a little about how things went. Over all, things went very well – good turn-outs and many people reached with the Gospel. It was a good experience for the kids and they are all very glad they went on these trips. The next time they go on missions trips is in October, but we don’t know anything about those trips yet.

Eva was so sweet and brought us back a few souvenirs from Cusco. My favorite gift was this:

A tiny, handmade Alpaca sweater for our little Baby M.! I didn’t even know they made them that small!

In other news….

This week found Brian doing lots and lots of car repairs!

He worked on 3 different vehicles this week. One of the buses for the Bible school is still not fixed and won’t be for awhile. Brian did a lot of running around looking for parts this week and then worked late Thursday and Friday and even some on Saturday trying to ensure the buses would be ready for the weekend activities… only to finish and realize there was more than he could do in that amount of time. In the end, everyone had transportation, but the one bus still needs to get fixed promptly so that’s on his agenda again this week. When I asked him what else he had to do this week his response was, “I don’t plan that far in advance.” I guess at least one of us has adapted to the Peruvian lifestyle somewhat. 😉

I go back to teaching in the afternoons this week finally after two weeks “off” from the afternoons. My schedule is pretty much same old, same old!

Elena hasn’t been feeling well for about a week and a half now. She’s having trouble sleeping at night, not eating well during the day, running a fever off and on, and still having sporadic diarrea. Pray for her. We think it’s just molars trying to come in, but we’re not sure and don’t trust the pediatricians here enough to take her in just for a check-up. We’re all pretty tired; we haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a couple of weeks now. More importantly, though, we want our normal little girl back! She just has not been herself lately.

I know, I know, she doesn’t look sick, but trust me, this happy little face is deceiving!

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