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The missions trips are over! Most of the students are home and the rest are on their way. We know things in Cusco went very well; we haven’t heard anything from Huancayo. I’m hoping to hear reports of the trips within the next week or so and then I’ll have more to tell you. To see pictures from the trips, join the group “BCM Peru” on Facebook!

The construction team finished Sunday evening. Brian ended up being there more often than he had planned in order to help them make better progress. He was there Wednesday, Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday. Here are a few pictures from the week to give you an idea of what the church they were working on looks like:

The church is on the 2nd floor of a building. This is the original construction that they had to tear down and replace.
This is the view from the street. The 2nd floor is the new church building.
A view of part of the inside on the last day of work when electricity was functioning and painting was almost done.
Most of the team that worked all week (just missing a few). You can see Brian in the back with his cheesy, tired smile.

[To see all 100+ of the pictures, go to BCM Peru’s Facebook page.]

This trip was a first for BCM Peru. We’ve had a lot of construction teams come here to help out, but never have we sent one out. Brian said that Lucho, one of the missionaries, explained it very well to the kids on Saturday. Lucho explained how this is a missions project, every bit as much as the evangelism trips their friends were on. He told them that thanks to this group, this church now has a building they can meet in without fear of it falling on their heads each week. The students were excited by the end of the week to see how they had a part in this.


In other news, in case you didn’t see already on Facebook…

This 2nd baby is also a little girl!

I am 20 weeks along – so we’re halfway there! The baby is very healthy and we’re both doing just fine. We’re very glad that it was the Lord who decided the gender! There was a few minutes where our doctor thought it was a boy and we were okay with that, too! In the end, we’re just so happy to be blessed with another child, it doesn’t matter if it’s boy or girl. So, 20 more weeks and we’ll get to have another little girl to dirty bless our house! 🙂


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