Missions Trips and Molars

I don’t know much about what is going on with the missions trips, but I’ll share what little I do (and have gleaned from the ever-lovely Facebook!):

  • Everyone arrived safely to their destinations by Tuesday. I know some got sick on the trip to Cuzco and the trip to Huancayo (both mountain cities – ucky roads, high altitude, long bus trips), but I haven’t heard of anyone being sick after arrival.
  • The Apoyo (evangelism) groups are doing a variety of things: door to door, Gospel Clown, children’s street programs, prayer services, and showing a film. I’m sure there’s more – these are the things I know about.
  • Pennies for Peru (in Ica, about 4hrs south of Lima) are doing just that – Pennies for Peru campaigns. The only update I’ve seen from Ica was put up yesterday and so far they had reached more than 300 people with the Gospel!
  • Apoyo in Cuzco has shared the Gospel with around 300 children as well.
  • The group in Villa el Salvador doing construction is coming along, but have a ways to go.  Brian went Wednesday, Thursday afternoon, and today to help out.

Continue to pray for these groups! They have a full, busy weekend ahead of every one of them. They start coming back, I believe, on Monday. 

As for here at the home fort, I’ve had a pretty sick baby this week with molars coming in. She’s got a cold, a fever, diarrea, and an achy mouth (I wonder if it’s all not related!), so that’s been fun. But, on the plus side, she’s been much more quiet and cuddly than normal! 🙂

…but she’s still cute with her first time having pigtails! 🙂

**If you’d like to see pictures from the trips, join the group “BCM Peru” on Facebook (you can find them on my page or by searching for them). Some of the teams are regularly updating and if I don’t do the translating, someone else does, so things are (eventually!) put into English. But, at least pictures are there and more will come when they get home next week!**


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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