Mother’s Day Weekend

If you’ve followed us for a few years, you’ve learned that Mother’s Day is huge here in Peru. Like I said last year, we’re not sure exactly why that is and we’ll probably never know for sure, but the ideas that we’ve gathered are: the Roman Catholic influence (Mary), the matriarchal society, or the fact that Peru likes to copy the U.S.A. (and do it bigger and better). Whatever the reason, Mother’s Day is more like Mother’s Week… and now that I’m a Mom, I’m okay with that. 😉

Thursday afternoon, all the Moms I work with went to a friend’s house for lunch and a relaxing afternoon – the only kids in tow were the ones who are still nursing. You know how strange it is to constantly be around children and then suddenly have almost an entire afternoon without kids OR husbands?? I honestly wasn’t sure what to do with myself… but I figured it out fast, don’t worry. 😉

We spent the afternoon by (or in!) a beautiful pool. After lunch, we had a game (the picture) and then a devotional and a few gifts.
The devotional was brought by the pastor of a local church plant (left).
I was especially happy to see my good friend, Zarela. She and her husband Robert (and son Caleb) just moved to Tarapoto last month to be directors up there, but were able to come for the weekend. It was wonderful catching up!

Then, on the way home, the “typically unexpected” happened: Becky hit a piece of wood with a nice, long nail in it! We stopped to check the tire and were sent to a “llanteria” (tire store) across the street where we waited for some co-workers to come check it out for us before driving home. Always an experience…

Zarela, Becky’s sister-in-law Desiree (visiting for a week), and Joan – with our little chocolate boxes, waiting for “rescue” from the flat tire.
Becky, our driver, contemplating whether or not to run across to the street to the hardware store for her husband… or staying put in the slightly questionable area. She stayed.
Where we stopped (tire store on left). Fine place to drive through; we were glad we didn’t have to wait there very long.

Thursday evening, there was a special Mother’s Day chapel, full of skits, special music, special PowerPoint presentations, games, and give-aways. Unfortunately, my camera battery died at the beginning of the evening so I didn’t get any good pictures.

Saturday, Brian took me out for a “date day” – something we haven’t been able to do since I got pregnant really. We went to the mall and enjoyed a nice lunch and afternoon together as a family.

Sunday, our church went all out for Mother’s Day. Just an observation: we thought it was quite interesting that on Easter, nothing was said or done to commemorate the holiday (not a special song, not even a “Happy Easter” or a flower up front). But, for Mother’s Day? The entire service was focused on Moms – the congregation sang a total of two songs and the rest of the time was different specials, all centered on moms. Gifts were given, prizes handed out, even the sermon focused on mothers.

Some of the kids at church talking about their moms
A special ladies’ choir

And here are the two reasons I got to celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday:

This week is the different missions trips. This morning, the group left to work on the church in the Lima district. This afternoon, all the other groups are heading out. A few will have all-night bus rides (specifically the ones going 20hrs to Cuzco). Pray for our students as they build, do Pennies for Peru, and lead evangelism campaigns!

[We are here, I’m doing school in the mornings as usual. Brian will go once or twice to see how the build is coming along, but he’ll be here most of the week as well.]


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