Day of Prayer and Fasting

A couple times a year there is an international day of prayer and fasting for Bible Centered Ministries. Today is one of those days! I thought I would share some specific requests so that if you have a few minutes today (or in the days to come! It’s not limited to today!), you could lift up us and our board in your prayers.

  1. The camping season is gearing up in the Northern Hemisphere (North America, Ireland, England, France, Spain, etc). Pray for the volunteers, the directors, and most importantly – the campers. 
  2. Finances as a whole in BCM Int’l are way down. Many workers at our headquarters have been let go (or are “on hold” until their full support is raised). Pray that God would provide the funds necessary to keep the mission board going and that those trying to raise full monthly support (to work an office job in the States – not an easy thing to raise support for!) would be able to do so quickly.
  3. BCM Int’l will, Lord-willing, open a new field in Africa later this year. They are all Africans, fully supported, and reaching thousands of kids every month. Pray for this new work!
  4. Different individuals around the world are currently translating our curriculum “In Step with the Master Teacher” into multiple languages who currently have nothing like it. Pray that they would be able to finish the translating sooner than expected so more teachers can be trained and ultimately more children reached with the Gospel!
  5. The curriculum “Footsteps of Faith” (a Sunday School curriculum) is currently being revised. It was written quite a few years ago, so it is being updated and revised and corrected, then translated into the many languages it is currently available in. Pray for this team working on the revisions – there’s a lot of work left to be done. Then the translating begins again!
  6. Our friends, Robert and Zarela, and their year old son, Caleb, are in the jungle city of Tarapoto, working as BCM Peru directors of Tarapoto. They are new to the area, alone, and in a new position. Pray for them as they coordinate with churches, train volunteers, and hopefully build a team – all while raising their son and keeping their family strong.
  7. One of our missionaries here, Joan, is newly pregnant. She suffered a miscarriage last year; pray that this baby will be healthy and grow to full-term.
  8. Next week are the missions trips for the IBYM students. Pray for safety as they travel to Cuzco, Huancayo, Ica, and around Lima. Pray for their finances (some still don’t have the funds necessary to go) and pray that they would reach many for Christ.
  9. Pray for our IBYM students: many of them just plain don’t have the money they need right now. A lot of our students are eating just one meal a day because they can’t afford food and tuition. Pray that God would provide for these kids who have sacrificed (in some cases – a lot!) to be here.
  10. For Brian and myself – we have a lot of very difficult decisions to make in the next few months. Pray that God make His will very clear to us in the direction we are to take.

Published by

Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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