The car, a room, and the week ahead

Have I ever mentioned how thankful I am that my husband is a mechanic? Probably not often enough! Well, this past week was yet another prime example of why it’s great to have married a mechanic! Brian knew (somehow!) that the clutch was going out on our little car. He had to go out Thursday night and when he got home, he told me that he was not taking the family anywhere in the car – it was going straight to the shop. Friday afternoon, he took it to the shop and made it literally minutes before it would’ve been undrivable. Our mechanic wanted Brian to take it home and bring it back in a few weeks, but when Brian said it felt like the e-brake was on perpetually (which is….bad, I guess), he told Brian to just leave it and not even have the other mechanics turn it on to move it! We’re not sure when it’ll be done – probably in a few days. Brian’s going to check on it today. We’re just so thankful Brian caught it before it went out while we were out as a family. It’s going to be a little more expensive than he’d planned on, but that’s what emergency funds are for, right?

Sunday, we borrowed a friend’s car to go to church, but wouldn’t you know it, IT had problems, too! So, instead of making it to first service like we normally do, we had to go to second service so Brian could have time to fix the wires. After he was done fiddling with the car, he worked on Elena’s room. Elena’s room has been a mix of laundry room, storage room, and toolshed. It’s now just Elena’s room and part laundry room! 🙂 Brian got it all cleaned out and then he hung up these wooden flowers and butterflies that he made for her before she was born, but was never able to hang up. It looks just wonderful and of course, Elena loves it.

This week includes:

  • A day of prayer and fasting for BCM Int’l on Wednesday. Lisa will have classes in the morning, but nothing in the afternoon as everyone will be spending time together in prayer. Will you consider joining us for even a few minutes on Wednesday and pray for our ministry and the global ministry of our mission board? I will post some specific requests from around the world sometime on Wednesday.
  • If you’ve followed us the last few years, you know Mother’s Day is a big deal here in Peru. Thursday for lunch, all the missionary women here are going out together. Thursday evening, there’s a special chapel time dedicated to the moms.
  • Friday evening we’re hoping for a date night to celebrate Mother’s Day {though I just heard a soft pretzel stand is opening in our mall on Saturday so I might talk Brian into postponing our date til Saturday!}.
  • Sunday morning is church and there is a competition for all the moms of kids 3 and under to dress up our kids as much as possible. hmm… not so good at that, but we’ll give it a shot!
  • Then on Monday, everyone heads out for their prospective missions trips!

We hope you have a lovely week! Thanks for checking in with us!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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