Mid-Week Musings

Wednesday! Don’t worry, it’s “hump day” here on the mission field, too. Somehow, I feel like if I can make it through Wednesday, the week doesn’t seem so long anymore! 🙂 

Our “miracle gas” ran out this week. But, we estimated it lasted for a solid four months! That’s absolutely amazing. It was wonderful not having that extra expense over the summer months.

Elena and Brian are still struggling with their colds. Brian has developed a persistent cough.  We’re praying he gets better soon and that neither of them develop anything more serious.

I moved my student, Janelle, to the computer for her math class this week. We’re doing two years in one and so I decided to bump her up to more difficult math. So far so good!

Brian and his team are trying to develop the afternoon work hours a little differently for the Bible school students. One idea they came up with was for them to do service to our little community. So this afternoon, all the students (minus the ones that work in homes, in the school, and in the office) will be working together and picking up the trash on the road outside our campus. We have quite a few neighbors; they’re hoping this will help them see that we contribute to where we live, too, and maybe even encourage some questions. Brian and his entire team will be out there, too. I think it’s a great idea! A way to show even our students that we can be a good testimony by something simple like picking up trash for the neighbors.

Happy Wednesday! 


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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