Week Wrap-Up!

Amazed at my new blogging initiative?? Me, too. Don’t worry.

As I write this, I have a baby napping on the couch and one student, Dana, still working on her computer. I just finished teaching a fun geography class to the 4 little girls. They have a book with maps to color and we listened to a CD that has songs for every continent, every country, every ocean of the world. The music even has a little taste of the region of the world the song is for – it’s pretty neat! The girls seemed to like it; something totally new and different, that’s for sure!

We woke up this morning thinking that maybe, just maybe, cooler weather had arrived. We were wrong. The fog burned off and it’s just as warm as it’s been since November. Not joking – it’s been summer-like since November. I’ll do the math for you: that’s 6 months of solid heat! It’s rained a handful of times (and by “rain”, I mean “sprinkles” you barely feel on your face but hear on your roof) and been cold maybe three times. I grew up in Vermont where summer was two months at best; this is unbelievable to me! As a pregnant woman, too, I have to admit, I’m ready for some cooler temps! 🙂

Brian was pretty sick the beginning of this week. He and Elena have been sharing a cold and Sunday afternoon he got hit pretty hard. He was down for the count all day Monday – fever and everything – but has been progressively getting better. He now has a cough he can’t seem to get rid of, but at least his perpetual headache has cleared up. Elena has a drippy nose, but she’ll be just fine.

So, Brian had a much quieter week than usual. One of the things he did was go to a church building of a friend of ours to do estimates for him. See, IBYM always does multiple missions trips throughout the year, but this year, they decided to consolidate them and send the kids all at the same time to different places on different trips. So, in the middle of May, the students are all divided up into five teams: 1 team with Pennies for Peru is going to Ica (4hrs south), 1 team with Apoyo (evangelism) is going to Cusco (the famous mountain city), 2 teams with Apoyo are going to Huancayo (also mountain city, different direction), and 1 team is staying here in Lima and doing a maintenance trip. This is the trip that Brian is a part of, though his partner, James, is in charge of the trip.

They will be basically tearing down and rebuilding a church building for a new church plant. The pastor is a friend of ours and currently the church has 13 members. The 6 students plus a good group of missionary men (and a few women to help cook for the team) will be leaving every morning and coming back home every evening for a week. They won’t be able to finish the project, but they should be able to get the pastor at least started on it. Brian will be a part of the team – he did all the estimates yesterday and is helping show them how it will work. I will be home with Elena. Since all the students will be gone, I won’t be able to have school in the afternoons. This starts around the 14th of May.

You can be in prayer for these trips. The students need to come up with the funds for their tickets to and from as well as what they need for the rest of the trip (food, transportation, and giving to the ministries). For some, this is a monumental task. Also be in prayer that they will have a good impact on the places they’re going and the right attitudes for what they’re doing. The team that is staying here in Lima is having a tough time being okay with being the only ones not traveling and the only ones doing a “work” trip (as opposed to constant evangelism) – so pray that God will use this time in their lives to show them that working for the Lord is also a ministry!

We found out this week also that the girl that was to come and help Lisa in the school for a month is no longer coming. This was a big disappointment, but we know God has it in control.

So, how was your week?


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