On my mind today…

There are two things on my mind today, so I thought I’d share them with you!

Today is our dear Eva’s birthday! This is the 3rd year she has helped us out in our house – wow – has it really been that long? She will graduate next March. Can I just say, I’m so proud of this girl! She is the daughter of a single mom (who was one of our cooks the last two years) and from Iquitos. We helped her get to Iquitos last September for break because she was convicted in one of her classes in IBYM that she needed to go home, find her father, apologize to him face-to-face (even though he is the one that hurt her family!), and share the Gospel with him. And she did it! She managed to restore their relationship and he now calls often and meets up with her whenever she’s in Iquitos.

This summer, instead of spending the free month with her mom here in La Molina, she instead saved up every penny she earned and recruited a group of her friends to go with her to Iquitos on a missions trip. They spent two full weeks (or more…I can’t remember – might have been three) doing Vacation Bible Schools, setting up a Bible Club in her home church, and visiting her church’s sister church up the river to help with kids’ ministry things. While in the little pueblito, they did street ministry and one of the guys even preached over the radio (loudspeaker) – to the entire village – one morning! Eva was the one who organized the entire trip – down to places to stay, what they would do, and making sure the materials were prepared and ready to go.

Her heart’s desire is to work with single moms. She’d like to work in Iquitos and help out at the equivalent of a pregnancy care center. She’s ecstatic about the possibilities. We have seen her grow, mature, come out of her shell, and turn into a wonderful woman of God. Her heart is in the right place (and Brian is diligent in making sure no random boy steals that heart!) and her sole desire is to serve her Lord. She has become a part of our family. She calls us Padre Brian and Madre Lisa, or just mami sometimes. She and Elena are like sisters… they even fight like sisters sometimes! We are so incredibly thankful to the Lord that she has been in our lives these last few years.

The other thing on my mind is God’s amazing provision. Remember the story in the Old Testament about the widow whose oil never ran out? We feel like we’re living that story! Brian began praying awhile ago that God would show us in a very tangible way that He is taking care of us and providing for us. We use gas (that’s the picture above) for our oven and our shower. We replace them like clockwork every month. It seems like the beginning of every month, they both go dry. We’ve changed the oven like normal. But, the shower gas? Brian calculated that we’re going on three (3!!!) months without running out. Not only that, but when he checked it last week to see how much was left (assuming we were running on empty), he said it still felt full. We’ve had 4 visitors this summer; there’s three of us living here; we don’t take particularly short or cool showers. There is absolutely no logical reason for us to not be changing our gas out. We don’t know how long this will last, but we’re just so thankful right now and had to share this with you. Brian asked for tangible… I think God answered his prayer. 

So, what’s on your mind today?


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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