What’s This? An Update?? Wow!

OH my, the shame in doing what I criticize others for all the time: having a blog and never updating it! I’m so embarrassed. I also have another problem: I haven’t used my camera in like a month (no joke) so I have no pictures for you. Wow. All of a sudden I feel like a bad mom and a bad missionary! I hope you can forgive me!

February: Teen camps ended well. The very last week, we had about 250+ people here! Our campus does not hold, well, anywhere near that many, so we were filled to over-flowing. This is a good problem to have. πŸ™‚ I really am not sure of the number of decisions that were made this summer in camps (I’m not sure we’ll ever know), but know that your prayers for camps were not in vain and things went really well this year.

The end of February also found us welcoming home our only American co-workers, Adam and Becky Weiss, from their first furlough. It’s nice having our gringo friends home. πŸ™‚

March: Quiet month. Oh so quiet. It’s been…heavenly. Brian’s been working on gardening this month. There was just an incredible amount of gardening work to do so he has literally gardened every day this month. The campus is looking so nice, though. All his hard work is definitely paying off. A few students are here this summer and asked if they could work to earn some money, so Brian has two guys helping him out pretty much every day. They’ve been a blast for Brian to work with and a huge help.

I got school plans finalized, but have really spent my time with Elena this month. I’ve been taking it pretty easy since we found out on Valentine’s Day that I’m expecting again! At first, I felt really, really good, but as time went on, I started getting progressively more sick. The last few weeks, I’ve been pretty sick. We haven’t made it to church (we live a good 45 minutes from church) in a few weeks and I haven’t really been “out and about” in awhile. The baby is very healthy, but I’m losing a lot of weight and been pretty sick. This past weekend, we had a retreat for all the missionaries and I made the mistake of eating two very large, Peruvian meals that made me horrendously sick. So, I missed two of the three days of the retreat and barely dragged myself to my doctor’s appointment on Monday. She told me to stay put in bed for at least another two days, which I have. I’m feeling better, from the illness, but morning sickness is still going strong.

Next week, our BCM Int’l President arrives. We haven’t seen Marty since we were in the States last year, so we’re very much looking forward to his visit. The students will arrive for IBYM and Marty will be the speaker for the annual Bible conference that kicks off the school year. Next Friday, the 30th, is the official change-over of our direct leadership. Carlos Odicio will be stepping down and his son, Jonatan, will be taking over. We will have a nice ceremony, with the President and our Latin American director in attendance. Then, on the 31st, here on our campus, is the IBYM graduation. Classes for IBYM and for my little school begin April 2.

This should bring you up to speed! I’ll try to start being more consistent again!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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