End of Summer Children’s Camps 2012

2nd week of camps - about 140 kids

Children’s Camps are officially over. Phew! The 2nd week, about 140 kids came. This week,  we had about 120. Most of the children this last week were 10-12 year olds, as opposed to 6-8 year olds.

Things went really well with the campers. A few of my personal highlights were:

-Last week, I had one little girl who was incredibly attentive the whole week. She wanted to sit on the front row and she kept her eyes on me the entire time – completely riveted. The last day of class, she raised her hand to indicate she had received Jesus as her Savior.

-Even though we were warned that the kids last week would be horrible during class, none of the teachers (3 of us) had any discipline issues. They obeyed, listened well, and in my class alone 14 children received Christ as Savior last week alone.

-I was nervous this week about the kids being older, but they were such a great group in my class, it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable teaching weeks. They loved the fact that I was American and begged me to say their memory verses in English when I told them I could. They participated really well and even had some great questions.

-A little boy in my friend Patty’s class asked her one day, “But, hermana (sister), why did God choose someone like Gideon? Why didn’t He choose someone brave or important? Why does He choose people who are insignificant?” When she explained why, he looked at her and said, “So that means God can use me, too?” Yes. Yes, He definitely can!

-Last night at the last bonfire, the kids, again, were very attentive and very sincere. This morning when I got to hear a few of their testimonies, there were at least 4 that said they had dedicated their lives to being missionaries. Very cool.

Monday evening, the first batch of teenagers arrive. I will not be teaching or anything. But, I am helping with the practices for the skits. We have one more practice on Monday, then we’ll start working with the 2nd team that needs to learn them all. With all the IBYM students traveling this summer, two teams have to learn all the skits. I’ll probably work with the 2nd team sometime next week.

A few pictures:

While I’ve been helping in camps, Brian’s been continuing his odd jobs around the campus. Last week, he helped fix the playground. There were spots that were rotting so they took down an entire tower and kind of reworked the playground. When more funds become available, they would like to redo the playground completely. Brian then worked on putting together a rope ladder. Took a couple days, but the kids sure love it. They were up with him every five minutes, “Is it done yet? Is it done now? Can we use it now? What about now?” About 50 were climbing all over the playground when Brian finally gave the all-clear.

And her royal cuteness? Daily adding new vocab – newest words being “vaca” (cow) and “gato” (cat). No, we actually aren’t purposefully trying to teach her Spanish words – she just seems to pick on them! She’s learning she can climb up the counters like Spiderman and that she fits in funny places. She also wants to be outside constantly and freaks out when it’s time to come in. That’s fun.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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