Already interesting

We have begun Week #2 of camps and already it’s been just fascinating.

This week and next week, we have a church bringing their kids late to camp. This week, they’re bringing their little ones (6-9) to camp on Wednesday and next week, they’ll bring their big ones (9-12) on Tuesday (camp begins Monday night). So, this week and next week, we start camp with close to 100 children, but then later, we add an additional 50.

The rumor this week was that the kids are horrible. One of the kids has a reputation of being just awful – and he returned this year. Everyone was concerned. Last night during the opening program, the kids were just out of control. They showed no respect for anyone in charge. It was looking… scary. I, personally, was horribly intimidated when I headed out to teach this morning.

I made sure to take time to pray, by myself and with Brian, before heading out. I knew if my Spanish was bad this morning, I’d lose the kids immediately. I messed up last night on stage and the kids laughed and laughed at me… I knew if that happened during a lesson…well, results could be catastrophic.

We got everything set up for the lessons and I had a few conversations with people and every single one of them said, “These kids are awful! Give them rules immediately! Don’t let them get the upper hand! Be prepared for it to go bad and just focus on the ones that do listen.” Literally, by the time the kids showed up to my classroom (aka, the cafeteria), my hands were shaking so hard I wasn’t sure I could hold my Bible.

And then… our God that shuts the mouths of lions… shut the mouths of children. Both classes were so obedient and listened so well. It was nothing short of a miracle. Everything I’d been warned about – did not happen.

During the altar call, at least 10 raised their hands to receive Christ.

Even now, I just am so overwhelmed by how God answered our prayers this morning. We serve an awesome God.

Keep praying for us – with the extra 50 tomorrow, we’ll actually be having one more teacher for the class time and dividing into 3 classes. Pray for the counselors – they have their work cut out for them and unfortunately, some of them need a boost in their attitude this week.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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