Phew, what a week!

Camps have begun! Monday night, we had 84 children show up for the 1st week of summer camps here at BCM Peru. They ranged in age from 6-12 years old and were ecstatic to be at camp. Since this was the 1st week and I had so much to do, I didn’t drag my camera with me. But, I promise before the month is up, I’ll get more pictures of the campers.

This week was the week of trial and error. Not everything went perfectly, but as far as the campers are concerned, things went great! =) I enjoyed teaching Bible classes to the little ones (ages 6-9) and I know 5 kids for sure accepted the Lord as Savior in my class. The three skits in the evenings went over super well – they improvised and worked together and they came out beautifully! Friday night, I did the application at the bonfire and it was just the most beautiful thing to see the kids coming up to the bonfire and making decisions between them and God. This morning before the kids left, one from each room gave a testimony and two of the older girls said they had decided to dedicate their lives to serving the Lord as a full-time missionary.

Monday evening, everything starts up again. We’re expecting 140 children! Very exciting. Next week, I’ll also be working with one of the teams who will be doing skits during teen camps in February as we still have lots of details to work out.

Thanks for praying for me this week! Here a few pictures I snapped:

The one in the white t-shirt was a blast to have in the classroom and learned the lessons really, really well.
The IBYM students I worked with practicing a choreography.
The winning team of the week celebrating

Brian spent the week doing odd jobs around camps – cutting grass, fixing toilets, and working on repairing the playground. That’s pretty much how his summer will go this year – keeping up on maintenance, no giant projects on the horizon as of yet.

And then, our week ended as it usually does – unexpectedly. The same lady (whom we affectionately call “The Cow Lady” since we can’t pronounce her name) who gave us Mota (our dog) showed up today asking Brian to come with her because she’d found, get this, a tortoise. She was worried about it and didn’t want someone to find it and eat it; she wanted us to keep it because she knows we’ll take care of it. SO, we have a tortoise. A rather large tortoise. We’re not sure what kind it is or what it eats or how much it eats or what to do with it, but there it is. Living next to our house in its own little fenced-in area, complete with mud hole and shade. sigh. Only in Peru, I’m pretty sure. Only in Peru.

Name suggestions, anyone?

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