2011 in Review

JANUARY: Lots of driving in the States!

FEBRUARY: More travels, in lots of cold snow, and relishing time with family.

MARCH: Elena's dedication (done by Lisa's father) and our return trip to Peru for term #2.

APRIL: 1st field trip - to the Beach!

MAY: Mother's Day, Elena's 1st serious fall and start on solid food, and finished kitchen floor!

JUNE: Our 6th Anniversary, new sod for our front yard, ballet lessons for Lisa's students, and New Furniture for Lisa's school.

JULY, Part #1: We hosted Rebekah for a solid month - she helped Lisa in the school and traveled to Iquitos.

JULY, Part #2: Conoce al IBYM and our New Floor!

AUGUST: Our birthdays and the Addition of Mota to our Family.

SEPTEMBER: Elena turned 1!!

OCTOBER: 2nd school field trip - the Lima Zoo

NOVEMBER: 3rd field trip - to Papa John's and Brian's major house project.

DECEMBER: End of the school year, completion of the house project, U.S. team visited for a week, Christmas Pennies for Peru (about 16,000 kids heard the Gospel), and of course, Christmas Day!


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