Christmas need!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again:

Christmas Pennies for Peru!!

The outreaches began yesterday, Saturday the 10th, and will continue until December 23. This year, instead of using just the 1st year Bible school students, volunteers, and missionaries, it was decided that all 3 years of the Bible school would be involved, so we have big teams – and lots of them! Two teams traveled outside of Lima, 3 teams are inside Lima, and then we have our missionaries in the jungle cities of Tarapoto and Iquitos doing programs as well. Each team is scheduled to do two shows per day. That’s literally thousands of people that will be reached for Christ in just 13 short days.


There’s one small issue. At every event, hot chocolate (yup, even though it’s like 90 degrees out!) and cake are handed out. But, not just any cake. Peruvian fruitcake called “paneton” –

Unlike American fruitcake, this stuff is goooood. It’s very, very popular at Christmas and kind of expected at events like this around Peru at Christmastime.

However, Pennies for Peru is short panetones for all these events. We’re short by… a lot.

They only cost about $3 each and it’s super easy to give:

1. Click “BCM missionary or Account Number” and type “Peru Evangelism” in the box.
2. Enter the amount you would like to donate.
3. Please send me a message with the amount as this is a general fund for BCM Peru and we need to know which funds are for the Panetones.

And that’s it!

Would you be willing to help? Any little bit makes a difference.

Keep in mind, though, the program began yesterday, so if you’d like to donate, now is the time!

Our email, for those that don’t have it, is:

Thank you so much! We’ll keep you updated this month!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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