‘Tis the Season

The month we wait eleven months for is finally here! December has arrived! For me, that means – no school! Vacation! Summer! For everyone else we work with, that means – extra work! No time! Lots of ministry! Just the simple difference between working behind the scenes and working in the middle or front of it all.

The school year ended well – we finished classes Thursday afternoon.

I asked them to show me how they feel about their last day and Jeremy said, "Tired!"
Taking their final math test of 1st grade

We had a nice program Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, with how busy everyone else is right now, only one person out of the 14 the kids invited actually showed up. 😦 I think I was more disappointed than they were. They worked so hard – I wanted at least a few people to show up to support them and congratulate them! But, oh well. When you’re busy, you’re busy. Not much you can do about it.

The kids each gave a little example of something they’ve learned this year. Unfortunately, my photographer (aka, Brian) was a little distracted by a little munchkin (aka, Elena), so he didn’t get as many pictures of the event as we would’ve liked. Jeremy and Dana each shared something they learned in our devos in the mornings – Jeremy talked about a miracle of Jesus and Dana an “I am” of Jesus (from the book of John). Then, all four kids said Psalm 23 from memory:

The little ones learned motions to go with the verses
Here you can see what's normal - Elena standing in the middle trying to participate!

For English class, Dana read the first report she’s ever written, about frogs. I was quite proud of her – she learned every step, from research, to outline, to report – and did it all in English. No, it wasn’t perfect English, but it was an enormous improvement from even the beginning of this year.

Janelle then read a few pages in “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” (which, in case you were wondering, does not translate all nice and rhyme-y!).

Jeremy explained part of a report he did this year – the differences between Peruvian and U.S. Government. He spent all year studying U.S. civics and I really wanted him to understand more of his own government, so I made him write this report. He did learn a lot and I’m glad he did the report. [no picture; distracted photographer]

Diana took one of the books we did in science class this year (the one on Animals from around the world) and “taught” one of the pages. [no picture for her either! sorry!]

Then, all the kids, including the preschooler, Adriana, put on a little skit for everyone! We took the book “A Fly Went By” and turned it into a little drama. Dana, my resident artist, drew the background on the white board:

If you don’t know the book, well, you should get it! 🙂 No, but seriously, in case you don’t know the story – there’s a little boy, sitting by a lake. As he sits there, a fly goes by. The fly is being chased by a frog, who’s being chased by a cat, who’s being chased by a dog…. you get the picture. We had  fly, frog, cat, dog, pig, cows, fox, and man. We found stuffed animals for most of the animals and for those that didn’t have a stuffed animal, Dana made little ears (or eyes, for the frog) and put them on headbands for the girls. Then, as each animal came in, they “talked” with Jeremy. I read the book and they acted it all out.

All the animals are being chased by a man:

We dressed Adriana up like her dad. Her mom about died laughing. 🙂

But, in reality, everyone was actually running from…

…a lamb! She was lame. Her foot was stuck in a bucket.

I handed out a few certificates and thanked the parents for allowing me to teach their kids for the 3rd year in a row. And that was it!

Today, I did something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile: I hung out with other American missionary women! A friend from church organized a brunch and 8 other women showed up. We’re mostly from different boards and have been here for different lengths of time, etc. It was really nice meeting other women, though. This summer, we’re hoping to do a Bible study all together, which I’m really, really looking forward to!

Brian’s work on the house is coming along nicely. He is out today getting the materials for the roof. He’s trying to find someone to do tiling in the house, but everyone is giving him ridiculously expense estimates and he’s quickly running out of contacts, so we’ll see how that pans out. His goal is still for the house to be liveable by the 15th.

Thursday is the annual Family Fair. Everyone is frantically getting ready for it. We don’t have as big of responsibilities in the Fair as everyone else, so we’re 10,000x more relaxed about the day than everyone else! We have a few jobs to do that day, but nothing too stressful.

This weekend begins Christmas Pennies for Peru! Three teams here in Lima and a few teams outside of Lima – all doing 2 shows per day for 14 straight days. That’s a lot of shows, a lot of kids, a lot of chances for people to accept Christ!

Please pray for BCM Peru this month:

  1. Pray for a good attendance (and no major “hiccups”) Thursday, December 8, at our Family Fair.
  2. Pray for the teams for Christmas Pennies for Peru: safety, good attendance, good attitudes from the IBYM students, health for everyone involved, good vehicles (!), and for many to accept the Lord this holiday season.

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