Getting closer…

As we close out this week, we feel like we’re getting closer to the accomplishment of the goals I told you were chugging towards last week. Brian was able to make some progress on the house this week, although not as much as he would’ve liked. He’s got almost all the walls up in the upstairs. He’s waiting for the back of the house to finish getting sided before he can finish putting up all the walls. It’s looking really nice! Here’s a couple pics from the end of this week:

View of the upstairs - basically same layout as our house.
finished walls waiting to be put up on the 2nd floor

Friday was the last field trip of the year for my little school. We went to Papa John’s (about 45min from here). A few of the kids had never been there before, so they were super excited. We had about 15 people with us, so we were quite the crowd. We each had to pay for the experience. Even though it seemed a little pricey, they did open the store for us two hours beforehand, give us a nice tour (technically two tours since we did two different groups), and let the kids make their own pizzas. It was pretty cool. The kids had a blast [I have to admit, we did, too]. Here’s just a few pictures of our morning:

Anxiously waiting for them to let us in!
All the little chefs, excited about making their very own pizzas.
Dana, my 4th grader, rolling out the dough.
Adriana, my 5 year old, putting sauce on her pizza.
SO proud of herself...and so very anxious for the finished product!

Today was a medical campaign here at our campus. The church we attend in La Molina has quite a few doctors and other professionals and, during the month of December, these doctors will be traveling to different cities in Peru doing medical campaigns. Today was kind of like their practice day. We have a nice campus and we’ve done stuff like this before, so it seemed like a great idea. The idea was to have the people come from up in town and we’d have the Gospel presentation while they wait, a short kids’ problem while they wait, and other fun stuff for the children.

However, there were some issues. Yesterday, a free medical campaign was offered up in town by the community. So, a lot of people already went to one. Then, somehow advertisements weren’t put up enough ahead of time, so people didn’t really know about it. And for some reason – the town was literally like deserted today! It was kind of crazy how few people were out on the streets today!

I did want to say thank you to those of you who saw my post on Facebook asking to pray for more people to come. I will get the final count later and I’ll let you know how God answered that prayer. We had maybe 25 people come this morning. We were hoping for 120 throughout the whole day. We didn’t get that many, but hopefully we at least hit 50! I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Brian and I did help out. I helped make the lunch at 8am and then got it all set out at 1pm. Brian did a bunch of computer work and printing stuff that was needed. Then we both stood outside the campus entrance, greeted people, and then I took them into the campus and got them to the reception area. Elena had a nice morning, too. 🙂 Even better – we had a beautiful, sunny day and we got to enjoy it all together as a family. 

Next week, Brian will hopefully get going on the plumbing in the house. I will be finishing up the plans for the Thanksgiving program and Thursday evening is the program itself. Saturday afternoon, we’ve been invited to have a Thanksgiving meal with the other American family on campus and some of our Peruvian friends. I’ll make my [famous] pecan pie – mmmmm with maple syrup instead of Karo syrup…rico – and a sweet potato dish. It should be a nice, full week.

Hope you all have a lovely, lovely week and a very

Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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