We feel like the “little engine that could” these days – just keep chugging! We’ll get it all done soon!

Deadlines are approaching: end of school is December 1 and Brian hopes to complete the build by then, too! The last field trip of the year is this Friday; the Thanksgiving program is the 24th; awards day for the kids will be December 2. Just gotta keep chugging!

Brian had a profitable week. I don’t know if he thinks he did, but he really did! He works alone in the mornings then has a couple students help in the afternoons most days. His main helper, who’s normally around in the mornings, was gone this week on a missions trip. Our friend, Lucho, came down for part of the days on Thursday and Friday to do electricity in the downstairs. Other than that, Brian has worked alone. There’s not really any one else here who has the time (or know-how!) to help.

Can you see why he needs a full-time helper?? Interested?! Let us know!

So, this week – he started out with finishing the 2nd floor and ended the week on Friday by finishing the siding on two of the sides on the 2nd floor. Stairs are done. Electricity is wired for the downstairs. Siding is completely finished on the downstairs. Windows are priced (but not purchased yet). Brian is rapidly finishing the “easy part.” The hard part is what comes next: plumbing. Here’s some pics from Brian’s week:

1st day of walls going up on the 2nd floor
completed 2nd floor walls
siding the 2nd floor
lucho doing electricity (his speciality)
finished stairs (brian's speciality)
elena being cute and helping (her speciality!)

[and my speciality is obviously – taking pictures and staying out of the way!]

While Brian’s been doing that, I’ve been enjoying a quieter pace of school as we near the end. My 4th grader has hit reviews in all her classes, so I’m not having to teach every day, which frees me up substantially to be able to come home with Elena at morning nap time and take her out of the classroom when she gets too distracting. I also have the plans all set for the Thanksgiving program; just need to finish getting everything ready!

Elena’s doing much better with her bumps. They keep appearing, but after a good email from yet another physician, we’ve decided to chalk it all up to, and I quote, “white girl living in South America bumps” and let God heal her and just quit worrying about it. We know she has sensitive skin and any amount in high heat gives her horrible heat rash (which will make summer fun), so maybe she’s just sensitive to something touching her?? Whatever it is, she’s acting normal, so we’re just going to try to let it go.

On a fun note: one thing we (and by “we”, I do mean mostly “me”) miss is bagels! We have found one cute little bakery that sells bagels – and they’re really good! – but it’s not some place we go weekly. We also never buy bagels to bring home. And they’re expensive! So, yesterday afternoon I took advantage of Brian spending quality time with Elena (after a long week of not being home much) and… made our own bagels! We enjoyed homemade bagels with chicken salad last night for supper and WOW – just as good as store bought (if not better, naturally). Time-consuming, but worth it.

We also found PUMPKINS last week while grocery shopping! They were dirt cheap, so we bought two. 🙂 One is already processed and has been used for pancakes. The other will get processed today. We’re dreaming of pumpkin pie and pumpkin rolls already. 🙂

Have a lovely week!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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