November’s Here!

I have no idea when I’ll finally be able to wrap my head around the fact that November and December can still be holiday months even without fall colors and chilly temperatures! We are in full spring weather and loving every second of the warmth and sun.

Brian is taking advantage of the warmth to get lots of work done on the new house next door to ours. This week, he worked very hard and was able to get the first floor basically finished and sided. There’s a little left to do on the bottom floor, but he’s very happy with the progress they’ve made. Here’s a few shots from the week:

Day #3 - basically all the walls up downstairs.
Brian with James; James is the only other missionary in maintenance and this house is being built for him and his family.
End of Day #6 - almost all the siding up downstairs.
End of Day #7 (Saturday afternoon) - siding done downstairs; this is a view inside, looking towards the kitchen.
The other half of the downstairs - the bathroom walls are up.

The layout of the house is very similar to ours, except that it will have an office downstairs and only one bathroom. Brian’s goal is to finish in December and at this rate, it looks possible! Lots of long days, but possible.

Elena’s feeling much better, so thank you for your prayers! I stayed home with her on Monday just to be sure this virus really had run its course. We’re wondering if all of it was connected to teeth because by Wednesday, two molars had poked through (finally!)! Whatever the case, she’s fine now. We’re still trying to figure out these weird bumps, but they’re not bothering her, so she’ll be fine.

I’m working on planning now the annual Thanksgiving program for the Bible school. We’ll have it Thanksgiving Day, but I’m hoping to do something WAY different than usual… we’ll see how well that goes over! 🙂 Between that and the last month of school (complete with one more field trip), I’ll be plenty busy this month.

Last night, we went on a date night to our mall. We had kind of a “down” week for a variety of reasons. God must’ve known we needed some encouragement because we thought we saw a reflection of a sign of something while we were in the restaurant. As soon as we left the restaurant, we went looking for what we thought was reflected.. and we found it!

Subway and the Biegert family goes way back. Brian worked in Subway during high school – this is where he met his friend, Clay, who led him to the Lord. Subway was always our go-to place for quick meals. It’s where we eat when we’re traveling. It’s where we ate when we were dating. It used to Brian’s idea of a “fancy meal out.” 🙂 All of Brian’s brothers (minus the youngest… so far) have worked/do work at Subway. It’s just… something we consider “home.” It was one of the first places we went when we were on furlough in December. So, anyway – Subway came to the airport in Lima this year for the first time ever. But, that’s really far away! Brian brought it back ONCE for us this year when he took someone to the airport in the morning, so we had early lunch. 🙂 We never heard that they were planning on putting it anywhere else, so when we saw it last night, we were NOT expecting it. It was a complete and utter surprise… and totally just something we think God did specifically for us. Nice way to end our week.

Thanks for tracking with us! Check out Facebook for more pictures from our spring. I leave you with our cute country bumpkin…


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

2 thoughts on “November’s Here!”

  1. Lisa,
    Thank you sharing. I enjoy reading your blog.
    I am Gwen and Zoe’s grammy and I love reading about
    their “neighbors”.
    The new home looks beautiful. Great Job!
    I pray for you and your family and your ministry in Peru.

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