Late Night Posting

Hello Everyone!

Well, our week ended differently than it began! On Tuesday, we went to a zoo with the entire Bible school plus the kids I teach. We had a blast! It was a slightly overcast day, but better than being too hot.

the kids standing in front of the cage for the spectacled bear, native to South America
Brian and Elena with some llamas

Some of you may be aware that Elena’s been fighting with these odd red bumps on her hands and neck and we’re not sure what they are. We consulted with a trusted Pediatrician friend in the States and took her to the doctor here, got two different (very different) diagnosis, and… she’s still got her bumps. Wednesday night, she started running a fever and Thursday morning when she woke up, she had a very high fever and didn’t want to do anything but cuddle with Mommy. I stayed home with her Thursday and Friday and she ran a fever both days, but that was about it. She seemed to be fine yesterday, but today, after fighting with us and not wanting to eat and throwing big fits and acting very tired – she vomited all over both of us. So, she’s definitely fighting something! As much as my mind knows this can be very normal and she’ll be just fine, my heart says, “But, she’s my baby!” I just want to bundle her up and take her to a pediatrician I know, trust, and can talk to in English, but I can’t. So, please pray for us these days.

On a happier note —

Brian began construction this week on the house next door to ours:

first wall - first day of work
here you can see where it is in proportion to our house (that's the back corner of our house)
day #2: walls 2 and 3


End of day #2: 3 of the 4 walls up!

Brian picked up the wood Thursday morning and got to work Thursday afternoon. Then, he worked all day Friday. He had 2 different guys helping him, one on Thursday and one on Friday, and between the 3 of them, they were able to get three of the four bottom walls up. There were some complications on Friday so they weren’t able to finish the fourth wall, but Brian is content with the progress so far. This week, he’ll pick up the siding and they’ll begin that as well. The house will look almost identical to ours, although some of the inside floor plan will be different. Brian would like to finish it by December even though the real deadline is March. Even though March would give them plenty of time, he will be without help starting in December, so he’d like to get it done while he still has help!

We heard about the snow on the East coast – enjoy for us! We know you all are hating it, but we are living out the ’80’s song, “Don’t know whatcha got til it’s gone…“! However, I have to admit, getting into summer weather has been refreshing! It’s nice and hot here, so if you want to come visit… just drop us a note! 🙂


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