On our plate this week…

Our week looks a little like this:

  • Tuesday we’ll be going with the Bible school, plus Lisa’s students, to a zoo about two hours from here. Check it out: http://www.leyendas.gob.pe/ A couple of our friends will be gone this week so we’re helping keep an eye out on their kids and they’ll be coming with us on Tuesday, our little charges for the day. 🙂
  • Wednesday, Brian will be out all day picking up the wood for the new house that he ordered last week. This could take an hour… it could take all day. Hard to say.
  • I am going to nail down what I need to order for school next year. It must be decided this week because of finances and then it’ll get ordered early November. I’m currently figuring out if we can afford electives (which I hope so!) and what specifically to make sure I get for each kid.
  • Sometime this week should be our monthly meeting with everyone we work with… but it’s not on the calendar and nothing’s been said so we’re going to play it by ear and hopefully figure it out before the actual day!
  • Saturday night our friends get home and we’ll be spending the afternoon/evening with their kids, feeding them supper and getting them to bed before their parents get home.
Elena came down with odd bumps a few weeks ago and we’ve been trying to figure out what it is ever since. We thought it was a food allergy, but it just didn’t add up. We thought it was bugs, but again, just not quite right. We took her to the doctor yesterday and had to bite back some frustration because he diagnosed her without really looking at her, asking questions, or even touching her. He gave us a perscription for medication we couldn’t afford that turned out to be basically lotion, and another that was basically Benadryl. After checking with a pediatrician we trust Stateside, we really concur with him that since it’s not bothering her and it doesn’t act remotely like an allergy that it probably is not an allergy and unless it bothers her, we’re not going to treat it with anything. Please continue to pray for us, though. We want to be wise in taking care of Elena and of course, we want these weird things to go away! Hope you have a lovely week! Thanks for checking in with us.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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