Retiro de Damas 2011

This past weekend was the annual Women’s Retreat that I’ve been telling you about. It started Saturday at lunchtime and ended Sunday afternoon. We had about 50 women show up, many for the first time at our retreat, which is really good. We were expecting 30+ so 50 was really great. The women are able to bring their children, so we were full up on kids, too. The kids have their own program and the littler ones had a nursery – both put on by some of our Bible school kids.

Our guest speaker was from Brian and I’s church, Vida Nueva. Claudia spoke on the theme this year: The Touch of Your Hands. We began Saturday afternoon with a time of learning how to give hand massages (a lesson given by the niece of one of our missionaries who is a masseuse). Then, Claudia taught the women how to make cards and they spent about an hour and a half making cards and book covers with materials that Claudia brought and we donated.

Saturday evening, we had our fancy banquet and then a bonfire. Before the bonfire, I participated in a black light choreography to a song called “Use My Hands.” Sunday morning, Shantal and I did the skit I wrote on Mary Magdelene and the woman with the 12yr blood flow. The idea of the skit was that Jesus changed their lives with just one touch –  now we have a responsibility to do for others what Jesus did for us. It ends by saying, “One touch. Just one touch. Who will you touch today?” Unfortunately, both videos of the skits are on the other computer so I can’t put them on the blog at the moment. But maybe later! They’re both in Spanish, though, just to forewarn you! 🙂

All in all, I think the weekend went quite well. At the bottom of this post is a slideshow of the weekend. Enjoy!

**In other news…

  • We got a puppy! Her name is Mota. There’s a picture of her in the slideshow as well. She was given to us by a lady from up in town and is Brian’s new baby. Elena, in the last week, has learned to bark – “uff uff” – and call the puppy by clicking her tongue. She also points outside if you ask where the puppy is. Very cute.
  • Our car is once again the shop. Brian took it in today. However, we’re good friends with the mechanic and so he’s doing the work for free! Or, should I say, Brian is doing the work for free. They’re swapping carborators and the deal was that if Brian did most of the work with the mechanic, it would be free. Sweet.
  • Brian’s working on trying to fix electrical issues here on camp. See, we have this slight problem of that when there’s a short – anywhere on campus – the entire campus loses electricity…eventually… instead of that one breaker going. This is a big fire hazard, so Brian is in communication with an electrician in the States trying to figure out what to do. He’s been taking pictures, doing research, and talking online. Definitely a problem that needs to get fixed asap.
  • I have all 4 of my students back now. But, things are a little rough in school at the moment, so please pray for me.
  • Tomorrow is the 2nd, and last, yardsale of the year for us. The Christian school associated with our church has an annual yardsale tomorrow that we’re looking forward to going to!
  • Brian was sick yet again this week with a nasty flu bug. We have no idea if he had a virus or if he’s fighting a parasite so pray with us for wisdom in dealing with his health.
And here’s pictures! Have a nice weekend…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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