Lazy Saturday

We’re back in the swing of things after the rush of visitors and Conoce al IBYM. Two of my students are in Ecuador until the end of the month, so I just have two students for now. This week was nice and relaxing in school. We got a lot accomplished and some of the work I’ve been putting into one of the girls is finally paying off with a genuinely good test grade this week! I’m trying very hard to get my other first grader speaking in English. We are working on writing stories during these weeks of alone time and this week, she wrote her own rabbit story:

Diana and her book, "Rosie"

Brian was busy doing lots of odd jobs. This week, he spent a good deal of time working on a new walking entryway into our campus. He also worked on putting in a new pipeline for irrigation, which turned out to be quite the project since the old pipeline was cemented into the ground. Hate to be graphic, but this time of year, all the water flowing through those pipes come from…well… dairy farms. So, just imagine the “clean” water flowing through those pipes and my poor husband down there replacing them. There is no “off” switch to those lines so the water just keeps flowing while they replace the old pipes.

In the middle of that work, we discovered that our car doesn’t start. A couple weeks ago, we had this problem, but Brian got it started long enough to drive it down to our mechanic’s (about an hour away). This time, the car doesn’t even so much as CLICK. So, we’re waiting to hear back from our friends who are in Ecuador right now since they are the only ones with the mechanic’s phone number. Once we have his phone number, Brian will call to see if he can come out here to work on the car (he’s a believer – an elder at our church – and a good friend of Brian’s) because we can’t even jump-start the thing to take it down there! We’re praying this happens soon. Until then, we’re kind of stranded. And swiftly running out of groceries….

This week:

  • I will continue to have 2 students, one in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • I have a few more rehearsals for the skit I’m in for the women’s retreat at the end of month.
  • I need to finish writing the last two Bible lessons for camps 2012, due the beginning of September.
  • Brian needs to do electrical work for the girl’s dorms.
  • He will be preparing the floor in the shed the group moved, getting it ready for concrete.
  • He will finish the new walking entrance to camp.
  • Brian has more on his list, but he has to wait for his budget to be approved and then he’ll prioritize it all.
You can pray also for some of our co-workers. It’s been a tough week: 
–One of the couples here, Daniel and Joan, were expecting a baby. Unfortunately, Joan miscarried a week ago. Please pray for healing for both of them, emotionally and physically.
–Daniel is in Ecuador and Joan is home alone with their 2 year old son and wouldn’t ya know it, he got rubella, so now they’re both in quarantine!
–Otino and Loyda have a 6mo old baby girl, Valentina. Otino is with the group in Ecuador (along with Daniel!) and this week, Loyda had the job of taking care of a VERY sick little girl, all alone. Another girl on campus, Becky, was able to help Loyda out and has been taking them to the doctor. Pray that Valentina doesn’t relapse, though; her temperature was up to 103 with constant stomach cramps and diarrhea for two days. The free medical clinics here, though, just told her to come back with a stool and urine sample three days in a row and then they could tell her what was wrong and do something for the baby. Like Becky was saying, we’ll probably never know what was wrong.
–Pray also for the team in Cuenca, Ecuador. They have one more full week of camps and then they all begin the trip home.

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